Welcome to the Books & Bibles Reading Challenge for 2024! This is my brand new reading challenge to help you tackle your TBR and read more of the Bible too.

The Reading Challenge:

When? 1st January – 31st December 2024

Who? Anyone is welcome to take part!

What? Read 15 Bible passages, and 15 books following our challenge prompts – all based on people in the Bible.

How? Use the document below to track your progress, or join the reading challenge on The Storygraph here.

The Reading Prompts:

Download your tracker here:


Bible reading: Genesis 5-9
Reading Prompt: read a book with an animal on the cover


Bible reading: Luke 2:22-40
Reading prompt: a book featuring older characters (60+ as a guide)


Bible reading: Genesis 37, 39-50
Reading prompt: Use a random colour generator to choose a colour, then read a book that is that colour


Bible reading: Luke 19:1-10
Reading prompt: read a short book (under 200 pages as a guide)


Bible reading: Luke 1:26-56, 2:1-21, 41-52
Reading prompt: a highly-anticipated book

The Good Samaritan

Bible reading: Luke 10:25-37
Reading prompt: a book by an author from a different culture, religion, or country to you (ideally all three)


Bible reading: Genesis 25:19-34; 27; 28:1-9; 32:1-21; 33.
Reading prompt: a book by an author that you previously didn’t like (give them a second chance!)


Bible reading: Jonah 1-4
Reading prompt: a book with water on the cover or set in/on water

The Woman at the well

Bible reading: John 4:1-42
Reading prompt: a book that has been recommended to you (by a friend, booktube, social media, a librarian etc.)


Bible reading: James 1-5
Reading prompt: a book which explores themes of conflict, oppression, injustice, persecution etc.


Bible reading: Acts 16:11-15
Reading prompt: a book with a place name, location or type of place in the title (e.g. London, home, cafe etc.)


Bible reading: Daniel 1, 4 – 12
Reading prompt: a book that reminds you of your childhood (re-read a childhood favourite, revisit a loved author or a book you read in school, or explore a book set at a school for example)


Bible reading: Psalm 88
Reading prompt: a book that you expect to make you cry (if you really don’t like sad books, choose a book that will make you cry with laughter)


Bible reading: Ruth 1-4
Reading prompt: a book with strong family dynamics or found family


Bible reading: Habakkuk 1-3
Reading prompt: a book about prayer (could be the topic/theme of the book, in the title, in the tagline, etc.)


What kind of books do I need to read? Any books that fit the prompts are allowed. E-books, audiobooks or physical books. Manga, comics, novellas, short story collections. Fiction or non-fiction. Any genres – they don’t all need to be Christian books.

Do I need to complete all the prompts? No, depending on how many books you like to read – you can read as many or as few books as you like, set yourself a goal – 2, 5, 10 or all 15. Then see how you get on!

Do I need to track the books I’ve read? Nope. This reading challenge is for you. You can track your books on The Storygraph, on the prompt checklist, or just in your head! Whatever suits you and your reading.

Do I need to study the Bible passages in-depth? No, although you can if you would like to! The idea of this challenge is just to encourage you to read about different characters in the Bible.

Can I double up on prompts? Yes, absolutely. Use the same book to tick off five prompts if you would like to.