When we see tragedy around the world, it can be difficult to know what to pray. Where to begin. If you are not sure how to pray for Gaza and Israel, and the ongoing situation there, I hope we can pray these prayers together and that they will inspire you to keep praying for everyone involved.

Pray for Gaza and Israel

These are not meant to be an exhaustive list of prayers. If you think something is missing – you should pray for that! I hope that these prayers can be a starting point. A launching pad for you to keep on praying. Feel free to share your own prayers in the comments.

Prayer for peace

God of peace, we know that you weep alongside us to see violence and conflict, against any of your children. We ask that you bring peace. A lasting, meaningful peace that allows all people to live in harmony, and flourish without fear of persecution or attack. Even when peace feels complicated, or impossible – we know that with you, all things are possible – so we pray that you will move mountains and bring your unimaginable peace to these lands. Amen.

Prayer for the hostages

Loving God, we pray for the hostages – for each person who is held away from their home, away from their family, away from freedom. We ask that they will be returned safely; that they will find healing from the trauma that they have endured; and that families and communities will be reunited. Amen.

Prayer for softened hearts

God of justice, we pray that you will move in the hearts of all those who seek to do harm. Take away all hatred, all anger, all fear, all superiority. Open their eyes to see the humanity and dignity of every person affected by this conflict, and open their hearts to love everyone from their neighbour to their enemy. You, God, can soften hearts, open minds and bring about true change. Amen.

Prayer for healing

God of healing, we pray that you will restore full health to every person who has been injured, or who have suffered because of a lack of access to healthcare. Help those who need it to access medication, treatment and support for their conditions. We also pray for everyone who will now live with the impact of their injuries for the rest of their lives. May they find comfort and all the support that they need. Amen.

Prayer for humanitarian aid

Caring God, we thank you for all those who are risking their lives to bring help to those in need. May organisations find safe, effective ways to deliver aid to those who need it most. May the hungry be fed, the ill cared for, and all people treated with dignity. We pray supplies can be shared fairly and used wisely. Amen.

Prayer for an end to hate

God of love, we pray for the impact of this conflict that we have seen around the world. We pray for an end to the rising levels of Islamophobia and antisemitism. May every person be able to live and worship, without fear of persecution. Help all people to see beyond fear-mongering and snappy headlines, to the truth that all people are valuable and worthy of our love. Overcome fear, overcome hate, overcome all differences. Amen.

Prayer for the future

Unchanging God, whilst we pray for peace now, we also pray for the future. For a future of lasting peace, of justice served, of communities rebuilt, of infrastructure restored, of safety assured. We pray for today’s children, and for future generations. That they will know peace and safety, that they will never again know such loss, fear and devastation. Amen.

What else should we pray for Gaza and Israel? Add your prayers, or prayer ideas, in the comments and don’t stop here! Keep on praying. If you would like some more ideas on how to pray for peace, check out this YouTube video!

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