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As we celebrate Mothering Sunday, use these prayers for mothers to pray for the mothers you love. The ones in your life, and mothers all across the world.

Let us pray for mothers everywhere. In every nation, of every age, in every circumstance. May they all be equipped, encouraged and blessed in their roles.

Prayers for Mothers

Prayer for pregnant mothers

Creator God, we pray for pregnant mothers. For those who are carrying new life within them. Protect them and their unborn child from all harm. From illness and injury and pain. Journey with them through the unknown and the unexpected, as they carry this child that you created until their birth. Help them as they prepare for birth, for postpartum and for the chaos of newborn days. Give them wisdom, strength and patience. Amen.

Prayer for mothers of newborns

God of peace, bring your unimaginable peace upon all mothers of newborn babies. In this time of change and newness and recovery, wash over them with peace to calm any fears, anxieties, and confusion. Bring them the support that they need during this time, whether through community, finances, resources or knowledge. Bless them as they adjust to welcoming a new person into their family. Amen.

Prayer for weary mothers

Kind God, we pray for all mothers who feel tired and weary today. Those who are struggling with the challenges of motherhood. In these times, we pray that you will bring rest. Help these mothers to know your presence with them, and to rest in it. Guide them to the support or solutions that they need for their families. May they know your goodness and your provision. Give them new energy, new enthusiasm and new opportunities for rest. Amen.

Prayer for mothers in conflict zones

God of all, we pray for mothers around the world who find themselves in situations we can’t even imagine. Those who have given birth in war zones, those who are forced to leave their homes with a newborn. Mother’s who are doing all they can to protect their children in the most dire of situations. Protect them, bless them, guide them. And help us all to remember them, and to fight for them. So that no more mothers have to grieve a child lost in war, terror, poverty or famine. Amen.

Prayer for lonely mothers

Generous God, you do not expect us to do life alone. So we pray for all mothers who feel alone and isolated. May they find community that supports them, encourages them, shares it’s wisdom and walks alongside them in the good and the bad. May these communities be spaces of uplifting, not competition.

Prayer of thanksgiving

Unchanging God, thank you for the gift of motherhood – in all it’s forms. May all mothers know and understand the blessing and the responsibility that they have been given. May they raise up strong, wise, humble and kind children, and bring you glory through all they do. Amen.

Share your prayers for mothers in the comments. Or share these prayers with a mother in your life to let them know you are praying for them.

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