Happy new year! Today I am sharing my top 10 favourite books of 2023. Plus, I have some fun reading statistics to share with you. Because I LOVE statistics. I find tracking my reading and seeing all of this fun information at the end of the year suuuuper interesting. So, I figured I would share it all with you!

Reading Stats:

  • Books read: 62 (including 3 DNFs)
  • Pages read: 20940
  • Re-reads: 4
  • Physical: 11.3% / E-Book: 37.1% / Audiobook: 51.6%
  • Most read genres: Mystery, Romance, Thriller
  • Books in translation: 3
  • 5* Books: 15
  • Different authors: 43
  • Series started: 13
  • Series finished: 5
Reading method pie chart
Genre pie chart

Favourite books of 2023

1 The Last Devil to Die (The Thursday Murder Club Series) by Richard Osman

I read all four of the books in The Thursday Murder Club Series this year – and honestly all four of them would have made my top ten books, so I figured it was best to group them all together! My favourite of the series so far is The Last Devil to Die, but The Man who Died Twice is a strong second place for me.

This series follows a group of retirees, living in a retirement village in Kent. They meet up each Thursday to discuss cold murder cases and see if they can theoretically solve them. That is until a murder happens on their doorstep, and they take on a much less cold case.

2 One of us is Back (One of Us is Lying Series) by Karen M. McManus

Again, I read the whole of this series in 2023, and loved them all. I also watched the Netflix show based on these books (before I read them) and also loved that – and it definitely helped me to picture the characters and already feel a strong connection to them.

The first book in this series follows a group of high school students who are put in detention together on the first day back to school. By the end of detention, one of the students is dead, and the others are all suspects. We follow as they try to get to the bottom of this mystery and clear their own names. Super fun, mysterious has you guessing throughout – but also some really great characters.

3 The Safest Lies by Megan Miranda

This was a super unexpected win for me. A YA thriller that I borrowed as an audiobook via Libby after spotting it on there and having no idea what I wanted to listen to next. We follow a teenage girl whose mum experienced something very traumatic as a teenager herself, and is not very paranoid/protective. She keeps the two of them locked away as much as possible. When the daughter is involved in a dramatic crash and rescue mission – her name and photo is published much further than the mum is happy with, but what does she do when she returns home one day and her mum is gone?

This book is suuuuper fast-paced and thrilling, a real page turner (if I had pages… it was an audiobook). I enjoyed the characters but also just how much this held my attention despite happening over such a short time period.

4 The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Apparently, I’m entering my romance era. A big surprise to me, honestly. But this was just a lot of fun. Following a wedding with a seafood buffet, everyone gets food poisoning – including the bride and groom. With the non-refundable honeymoon set to go to waste, the only people who managed to avoid the food poisoning are the sister of the bride and brother of the groom – and they do not like each other. But they end up going on this honeymoon together and have to pretend to be newly weds. Naturally, chaos ensues. Romance ensues. It’s very funny and a good time.

5 Your Word or Mine by Lia Middleton

This good was great but in such a different way to no. 4… This is a mystery thriller that follows a woman who was attacked by a man when she was 16. Years later she is now a lawyer and meets him again, as the victim in a stabbing case. A young girl is pleading guilty to this attack – but she knows there is more to this story.

This book is all kinds of thrilling. The kind that has you tensing up without even realising it. I kept having to turn off my audiobook so that I could fall asleep, because I was HOOKED. There is such a lot of depth packed into this book, and it keeps you guessing and tense the whole way through.

6 Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I am definitely late to the party when it comes to this book, but better later than never! This is a sci-fi following a teenage boy in a future version of America, where a virtual reality world has been created (amidst a lot of disaster, poverty, destruction in the real world) where people spend a lot of their lives. The creator of this world has left a challenge to be completed – and whoever completes this challenge will inherit this world. Naturally, our main character is working to try and complete this challenge – and we are following along!

I really enjoyed the writing style of this, hearing the challenges and quests to be completed, getting to know the characters. It’s all a good time.

7 Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

This is a very different kind of book to a lot of the others in this list. It’s poetry. I read it in a couple of hours – tops. It covers a lot of hard-hitting, really important topics, in such a unique way. In this book we meet a teenage boy whose brother has been shot and killed. He is now riding the elevator down in his apartment building, on his way to seek revenge. But at each floor, he is joined by someone – dead or alive, friend or foe. And we hear what they have to say and how this impacts his decisions in this really hard situation.

8 Everything You Ever Wanted by Luiza Sauma

Honestly, I am super surprised to find this book on my favourites of the year because at the beginning of the book I was really unsure. By the time we got to the end, I was hooked and could talk about this book for hours. It covers such interesting topics in a very unusual way. We are in a version of earth, where humans have discovered a way to send people to a new planet – where a community is being started. Now, people have the chance to apply to go to this planet (with the stipulations that they will be part of a reality TV show, and they will never be able to return).

This book explores mental health, why people might want to go to a whole new planet and leave everything behind, the mundanity of life and work, being watched, community on a whole new planet, how people cope with this new world. A lot of people don’t like the ending, but I felt it really made sense of the trajectory of this book.

9 Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson

This is a really fun murder mystery book, that still manages to pack a punch and keep you guessing throughout. In this book we follow a man at his family reunion, and he is telling the story of the people that his family have killed – just as we also unpack a new murder that needs to be solved in real time. This is a super self-aware book, making fun of itself and the murder mystery genre in a really fun way. I enjoyed the characters and the web of mystery that we were unravelling. A great time, although I was surprised by some of the deeper, darker elements (in a positive way!).

10 Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto

This book is another in the cosy mystery genre, this time with a good dollop of romance and hilarity. We follow a woman who accidentally kills her blind date, and calls in the help of her mother and aunties. To complicate things further, they are currently in the middle of working a very important wedding together. There were a couple of additions to the end of the storyline that felt a bit unnecessary, but it was just a lot of fun, and really funny.

What were your favourite books of 2023? Share yours in the comments!

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