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We are very excited to be sharing our New Year prayers for 2024. Does this count as traditional yet if this is only year 2? Come and join us as we pray for 2024 together.

You may also like to write your own prayer for you or your family for 2024. Find our step-by-step guide here and read to the end to see my prayer for 2024.

New Year Prayers

As we come to the end of another year, and look forwards to the beginning of a new one, let us bring all of our thanksgiving, sorrows, joy, pain and hope before God.

Prayer of thanksgiving

Generous God, as we look at the good gifts you have given us this year – we thank you for your kindness. You have poured out your blessings upon us, and we praise you for your grace. Thank you for the people you have placed in our paths, thank you for the places we have visited, the music we have loved, the adventures we have embarked on. Help us always to remember your generosity to us, and to recognise the many blessings you have given us. Amen.

Prayer for comfort

Kind God, this year has been a painful one for so many. We have witnessed terrible bloodshed, devastating grief, hardship, poverty, destruction. You weep alongside us. We ask for your comfort, for ourselves, and for all those who are hurting, anxious and afraid. May we never stop trying to make this world a better place – from those risking their lives to bring aid, to the stranger sharing a cup of tea. Help us, Lord. Amen.

Prayer for hope

God of hope, even in the midst of darkness – we know that in you we can find hope. Though we may feel tired, downtrodden and weary, we still have hope for all that this new year will have in store. We bring those hopes before you now: our hopes for what we will achieve, our hopes for how we want this world to look, our hopes for change and our hopes for who we will be as people. Nothing is impossible with you, God. May we always place our hope in you. Amen.

Prayer for peace

Loving God, we pray that this will be a year for peace. You weep alongside us at the death and destruction we see in this world, and we desperately pray for an end to terror, war and violence. We pray for peace in our cities, that every person may feel safe; we pray for peace where there is anger – that you will bring calm; we pray for peace in the hearts of those who seek after destruction; we pray for lasting peace in Ukraine, Gaza and so many other places around the world. Amen.

Prayer to be united with God

Father God, we pray that in every season, through every battle, on every path – you will walk alongside us. May our joy and celebrations bring you glory. May our despair lead us to you in prayer. Let our actions shine your light in this world. Thank you that you never change, that you will be the same this year, and the next, and forever. Whatever this new year brings our way, may we face it with courage, boldness, and humility. With you as our guide, our comfort and our hope. Amen.

My prayer for 2024

Dear God, in this year I pray that you will be our comfort, our safe place, our home. As the seasons change, may we have peace; may we always find joy in being together. Help us to be calm, creative and kind, welcoming community into our hearts and home. Amen.

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