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Finding Christian gift ideas for babies, toddlers and young children can be a challenge! You want something useful or fun, but still meaningful. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Today we are sharing our ultimate gift guide – full of Christian gift ideas for babies and toddlers to help you out this Christmas.

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Christian Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Christian Books

When it comes to choosing books for babies and toddlers my recommendations are:

  • Stick to board books (the ones with thick pages) as they are much less likely to get damaged
  • Anything touchy-feeling is brilliant
  • Choose books with fabric flaps rather than paper (again, to avoid damage!)

Jesus Storybook Bible board books by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago

These gorgeous board books explore different passages of scripture in a really accessible way for babies and toddlers. My daughter loves these and will often bring them over to us to read to her. The artwork is amazing, and super colourful. We currently own Near (based on Psalm 139) and Loved (based on the Lord’s Prayer). But you can also find Found (Psalm 23), Happy (Psalm 92), Known (Psalm 139) and Strong (Psalm 1) is releasing in February 2024.

Find them outside the UK here.

God’s Wild and Wacky Animals by Rosie Greening

I mentioned above that books with touchy-feely elements are great for babies and toddlers. These books are a great example of that! They are full of different textures and patterns made from silicone. This makes them really tactile but also very durable!

If you’ve come across the ‘Never touch a…’ series – this is the same author. But these books take a look at the crazy variety of animals that God has created.

Other books in this series include The Funniest Animals God Ever Made, God’s Unbelievable Underwater Animals, and God’s Creatures Great and Small.

Find them outside the UK here.

99 Prayers for Children by Juliet David

This book isn’t necessarily a book for young children to read, but one for you to read together as a family. Or for you to pray over them. It is a wonderful collection of prayers for every occasion. From morning prayers to New Year prayers. Prayers for when you feel sad. Prayers for Easter. And so many more.

Find it in the UK here.

Find it outside the UK here.

Christian Crinkle Books by Doodling Faith

I wish I had known about these books when by daughter was a young baby, because I love them! For newborns and young babies, they are obviously not super interested in books yet. But crinkle books – they love! These are fabric books that often have different textures, make different noises and are great for babies to feel and play with.

These ones from Doodling Faith look incredible and explore different Christian themes. One is called Fruits of the Spirit, and the other is called Praise Him.

Nursery Artwork

If you know that the parents have chosen a theme or already put a lot of effort into decorating the nursery then you may want to be careful with this idea. But generally, I think a small, simple piece of artwork is a great gift for a baby or toddler.

Ceramic Tile

These are so simple and versatile – they can hang on a wall, sit on a shelf, and go anywhere in the house.

Like these ones from God At My House.

Christian Art Prints

Art prints are another great gift idea as again they can be so simple and versatile. There are also SO many beautiful options to choose from.

I personally love prints from Izzy and Pop, as well as And Hope Designs. But you will also find so many more amazing artists too.

By Izzy & Pop
By And Hope Designs

Reusable Nativity Advent Calendar

Growing up, we had a nativity advent calendar that we used every year. Since moving out I have been on the hunt to find my own one – and it has been surprisingly difficult!

But this year, we have found some. They are on the pricier side but will hopefully last us for many years and are a great way to keep your advent celebrations focused on Jesus.

Here is a fabric advent calendar, as well as one with wooden figures – both from Jojo Maman Bebe.

Personalised Painted Bible

People who can paint Bible’s like these are amazing! This is such a great skill, and creates a really beautiful gift. You will find lots of wonderful artists who make these, but you can also find those who will personlise them with the name of the recipient.

This isn’t really a gift that a baby or toddler would be able to use right away, but there are several ways to make this a really thoughtful gift. Firstly, it could be the Bible that they grow up with – their parents read it to them, and when they are able to they start using it themselves. Alternatively, you could highlight verses, and write notes and prayers within the Bible for the child. Or, if you enjoy Bible journaling, you could add artwork throughout the Bible as the child grows. These could be for verses that you are praying for the child, or things that speak specifically to them.

I found these lovely Bibles from Through Creation Design and NewCreationsuk on Etsy.

Start a scrapbook!

This idea is one of my favourites, but involves a little more work from you! Find yourself an empty scrapbook (like this one) and some pens. Add a cover or title, and then start adding photos of you and the baby or toddler in your life.

My daughter’s godmother did this for her baptism, and it is already so cute. We are filling it up with photos of the two of them together including fun days out, family events and more.

By the time she is older, she will have a great collection of memories and be able to see all the fun things they have done together.

What other great Christian gift ideas for babies and toddlers could you recommend? Share your ideas in the comments!

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