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Are you looking for some Christian gift ideas for women in your life? Your mother, wife, daughter, grandmother, aunt or best friend? We are here to help! This is our gift guide full of wonderful gift ideas with a Christian element too.

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Christian Gift Ideas for Women

Christian Books

You’re Not Enough (And That’s Okay) by Allie Beth Stuckey

A great non-fiction book that explores the myths shared by the self-love movement. It examines them from a biblical perspective and unpacks the truth of what scripture tells us about these topics.

Buy this book in the UK.

Buy this book outside of the UK.

M is for Mama by Abbie Halberstadt

If you are looking for an encouraging, Biblically solid book for a woman in your life who is a mother – this is the book you need. This book explores some of the cultural norms and discussions around motherhood and gives us a more biblical approach to motherhood. There are practical tips as well as things to think about, and prayers after each chapter.

Buy this book in the UK.

Buy this book outside of the UK.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

If you haven’t heard about this book yet – where have you been? This is a really beautiful book following these four characters (from the title) and sharing tiny snippets of their conversations. Very simple yet very moving. Plus, the artwork on each page is absolutely beautiful.

Buy this book in the UK.

Buy this book outside of the UK.

Every Woman a Theologian by Phylicia Masonheimer

*I have not yet read this book – but I am very excited to pick it up!

Having read Phylicia’s previous book, I am interested in diving into this book all about theology. Why theology matters – especially for women. Why it’s important that we know what we believe and why, and how we can get there.

Buy this book in the UK.

Buy this book outside of the UK.

Well Said* by Sarah Molitor

*I have not yet read this book – but I am very excited to pick it up!

Sarah is a super lovely woman that I follow on Instagram, who shares about her family, faith and more. This book digs into the power and importance of our words – and how to make sure we are speaking well.

Buy this book in the UK.

Buy this book outside of the UK.

For Everyone commentaries by Tom Wright

Commentaries are a great way to dig more into scripture, to support your Bible study, ministry or just to learn more. The for everyone series is a great place to start – easy to read, accessible, not overly academic – yet full of great insight.

Find them in the UK.

Find them outside of the UK.

Book Pouch or Sleeve

After all these book suggestions, it feels only appropriate that our next Christian gift idea for women is a book sleeve or book pouch. This is a great way to keep your books protected as you travel, whether on holiday or on your commute. You can even get ones made specifically for your Bible.

Check out this one on Etsy.

Or this one!

Here’s a Bible cover.

Or another one here.

Painted Flower Pot

Looking for a gently Christian gift idea for someone who loves flowers or gardening? I recently found these beautiful painted flower pots via Cheerfully Given, and thought they would make such a great gift. If you are artistically inclined, you could even try your hand at making one of these yourself.

If not, check out these beautiful creations from Christine Durrant Art.


Cross necklace

A cross necklace is a great staple piece of jewellery for Christian women. It’s flexible and easy to style – whether it’s something they where every day or just for special occasions.

Here’s one from Amy May Jewellery.

Some other beautiful Christian necklaces that I have found…

Jordan Lily Designs

Check out this Bee Hexagon necklace (Sterling Silver)

Or this Look at the Birds rectangle necklace


A beautiful Together necklace to remind you of a loved one

Minimalist Ignite necklace

Fair Bloom

Fair Bloom’s beaded jewellery (current out of stock)

Glass Art

I have loved glass art ever since I was a child. I had a neighbour whose dog I helped to walk, who was a glass artist and showed me some of how she worked. It’s so clever and so beautiful, so I was delighted to find Orchard Art Glass who create these incredible pieces. Everything is currently out of stock, but keep an eye out for it coming back!


Maybe it’s just me, but I think that stationery is such a great gift. It’s easy to use, however the receiver chooses – and there are so many beautiful options. Forget-me-not Christian Cards is a wonderful shop full of beautiful designs, many including different birds (including penguins!). The birds then connect to scripture included on the design, as a great way to have scripture all around you.

Prayer Gift Ideas

These gift ideas are designed to encourage the recipient in their prayer life. Giving them resources to help them pray, and remind them to pray.

Prayer Pebble

Like this pewter prayer pebble – a tiny reminder to keep on praying.

Holding cross

These wooden crosses are a great reminder to pray, as well as being really nice to hold as you pray.

Here’s one in the UK.

And these in the USA.

Prayer Postcards

These are very simple, Biblical reminders to help us pray.

Like these ones from Hope and Ginger.

Prayer Dice

A fun way to choose a prayer (or grace for mealtimes)!

Check out this mealtime prayer dice in the UK.

Or these ones with different language options.

I hope we have given you some ideas or inspiration for Christian gift ideas for women in your life. Please do share your gift ideas (or things that you sell) down in the comments too!

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