Prayers for the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla

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Saturday 6th May marks the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. Across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, there will be different celebrations, community events and people coming together to mark this occasion. During this time, let us pray together for the King and Queen, for their reign, and for the country. This blog is full of prayers for the coronation and all those involved – so do use these prayers during this time of preparation, and beyond the coronation.

Prayer for King Charles III

God our father, we bring before you King Charles III in his new role as King, and as he prepares for his coronation. May you walk alongside him throughout his preparations, and the ceremony before him. Bring him confidence, humility and strength. Help him to know you with him, to focus on you, and to follow where you are leading him during this time. May he follow in the footsteps of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, providing strong leadership and bringing people together.

Prayer for Queen Camilla

Faithful God. Crowned alongside King Charles III, we also pray for Queen Consort, Camilla. May she be a kind and loyal Queen, supporting King Charles throughout his reign. May she provide comfort, wisdom and compassion; aiding King Charles in his duties and serving the country alongside him. Together may they guide each other, encourage each other and inspire each other to be the best leaders that they can be.

Prayer for the leadership of the King and Queen

Dear God. Now, and for the coming years, we pray for the leadership of King Charles and Queen Camilla. May they be servant-hearted leaders, putting the needs of the people they lead at the centre of their reign. May their use their positions to bring about positive change, uniting people and improving life for people wherever it is within their power. We pray that in all that they do they will be compassionate, honest, humble, generous and wise.

Prayer for glory to God

You God, are King of Kings. No matter what happens here on Earth, we know that you are always on the throne. We pray that whilst the eyes of the world are on King Charles and Queen Camilla, that you will use this occasion to bring you glory and turn people towards you. May King Charles and Queen Camilla focus their attention on you, and may the many Christians and churches involved in the coronation and related celebrations point people to you and hold the King and Queen in their prayers.

Prayer for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth

Loving God. In this time of change, we pray for the the people of the United Kingdom and all the commonwealth realms that are led by the King and Queen. Whether they are excited, angered, or ambivalent towards the coronation, we pray that each person will find a reason to celebrate this weekend. We pray for street parties and community events; that people will come together and find community with those around them. We also pray for those who are struggling now. For those who are grieving; those who are unwell; those who are lonely; those who are hungry; those who are feeling lost. Be with them and bring them to the support that they need.

Prayer for the Coronation

God of everything, you know everything about the coronation. From every guest, to every tiny detail. We pray for your hand of blessing over this occasion, for safety and security for everyone involved, for the Archbishop of Canterbury and everyone involved in the ceremony, for all those watching in person or at home. May everything go smoothly, and may everyone be blessed in some way through their involvement in this day.

Prayer for the Royal Family

God of all families, we pray especially during this time for the Royal Family. We pray for an end to tensions, and for a strengthening of relationships. Be with each member of the Royal Family, especially those taking on new roles and responsibilities. Bring them strength, humility and boldness to serve the country and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Help them to support King Charles throughout his reign, providing wise advice, encouragement and support.

Prayer for King Charles’ faith

Dear God, you know King Charles’ heart. You know him better than anyone. We pray that he will know you, follow you, and serve you in everything he does. May he always turn to you in times of hardship; may he seek after you for guidance and wisdom when making decisions. May he follow your example in serving his people with a heart of humility and servanthood. Be with King Charles through every step of this journey, and may he discover even more of you every single day.

Prayer of thanksgiving

Above all, we praise and thank you God. Thank you for King Charles and Queen Camilla, and for this role that you have set before them. Thank you for the countries and the people that they lead. Thank you that you are King of Kings, now and always.

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