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What books have you read so far this year? In this blog post I’m sharing my reading wrap up: all of the books I read in January – March 2023, my favourite books of the pile, and some of my reading statistics for this quarter.

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I’m hoping to use this format of reading wrap-up each quarter, so do let me know if there are any other statistics or thoughts that you would like to see!

Best books of the quarter

Favourite book of the quarter:

Your Word or Mine by Lia Middleton

I spent the first half of this book not sure whether I loved it or hated it. The tension that Lia Middleton manages to build made me feel physically on-edge and uncomfortable in a way that books don’t usually manage and really fit with the story.est

This is a psychological thriller following a woman who was sexually assaulted as a teenager, when her attacker walked free because the main evidence was mis-handled. Years later she finds herself prosecuting the case of a young girl stabbing a man. And the man just happens to be the man who attacked her. Determined to uncover the truth about this case, she sets out on a mission to find out what really happened.

This book manages to balance intelligent and thoughtful discussion about the legal/justice systems, and how victims are treated; with the tension and intrigue of a thrilling plot line. I usually fall asleep to audiobooks, but I kept having to turn this off because I was staying awake to hear more.

Favourite series of the quarter:

The Thursday Murder Club Series – Richard Osman

You’ve probably heard of The Thursday Murder Club as it seems to have taken the book world by storm since the first book came out. We follow a group of older people who live in the same retirement village and meet up to discuss unsolved crimes – until a murder happens on their own doorstep.

This whole series is just delightful, and whilst the mystery aspect wasn’t the main reason I kept reading I still found them intriguing and left plenty of space for me to try and solve them first. But without a doubt the main reason that I and so many others love these books is the characters – their humour, their friendships, and their thoughts on life and old age and murder.

I think book two (The Man Who Died Twice) was my favourite but book one (The Thursday Murder Club) and book three (The Bullet That Missed) were both also five stars! I can’t wait for book four coming later this year!

Quarter 1 Reading Statistics

Total books read: 15
Total pages read: 4766
Books DNF’d: 1

Most read genre: Mystery

All the books I’ve read in January – March

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
Mystery, 5 stars

The Next Girl by Carla Kovach
Thriller, 3.5 stars

The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman
Mystery, 5 stars

Bullet Train by Kōtarō Isaka
Thriller, 4 stars

Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain
Romance (with some mystery and historical elements), 4.5 stars

The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman
Mystery, 5 stars

Her Mother’s Shadow by Diane Chamberlain
Romance (with some mystery elements), 5 stars

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary
Romance, 4 stars

The Text by Claire Douglas
Thriller Novella, 2.5 stars

The Guest List by Lucy Foley
Mystery, 4 stars

The Girls who Disappeared by Claire Douglas
Thriller, 3.5 stars

Drinking Custard by Lucy Beaumont
Humour Non-Fiction, DNF

Your Word or Mine by Lia Middleton
Thriller, 5 stars

Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto
Cozy mystery / Romance, 4.5 stars

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Science Fiction, 5 stars

Books I want to read soon

How high we go in the dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu
A collection of short stories in a futuristic plague, and my current library loan.

M is for Mama by Abbie Halberstadt
A Christian non-fiction book about motherhood that I’ve been wanting to read since my daughter was born.

Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn
A mystery following a group of assassins trying to retire. This is a belated birthday present that I recently received and am very much looking forward to.

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