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Happy Mother’s Day! As you celebrate, use these prayers for Mother’s Day to guide your prayers for the women in your life. This mother’s day, let us pray for our mothers. For our role in mothering others, and for the different ways that all of us experience motherhood.

Keep reading to find ten prayers for Mother’s Day, including a prayer for expectant mothers, a prayer for those who find Mother’s Day hard, a prayer for those who care for children, and a prayer for us to become better mothers.

Prayers for Mother’s Day

Prayer for the mothers in your life

Dear God, mothers come in all different shapes and sizes. From our biological mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers. To adoptive mothers, foster mothers, and God-mothers. And even aunts, friends, neighbours, mentors and the women who choose to take on these roles in our lives. We bring all of these women before you, and thank you for all that they do, and all that they bring to our lives. Amen.

Prayer for expectant mothers

Dear God, becoming a mother can be a daunting adventure. We bring before you all those who are embarking on an adoption process, and all those who are pregnant. Thank you for the many ways that you bring families together and welcome life into the world. May you bless all of these women. May you protect them and keep them safe from harm. And may you give them strength, courage, wisdom, patience and peace as they prepare for motherhood. Amen.

Prayer for those who find mother’s day hard

Dear God, for many people, mother’s day is a hard day, and we pray for all those who are hurting. For those who are grieving a mother, or a child. For those who have been hurt by their own mothers. For those who long to be a mother, and are still waiting for that prayer to be answered. For those who do not get to see their mother, or their children. May all of these people know your unending love for them today, that you are with them in their sadness. Help us to know how to support those who are struggling, and how we can be a light in the darkness. Amen.

Prayer to become a better mother

Dear God, all women can take on a mothering role to those around us. Reveal to me the ways in which you would direct me to do this. Show me younger women that I could mentor, or young family members that I could particularly encourage and support. Help me to set a good example to the young members of my church community, showing them what prayer, worship and obedience look like. In all these roles, and all of my mothering roles, help me to be a better mother. Guide me and direct me to those who need me. Give me the words to say and greater faith, humility, patience and compassion. May I be led by the Spirit, becoming more like Jesus every day, and sharing God’s love with those who we care for. Amen.

Prayer for all those who we “mother”

Dear God, we bring before you all those who we mother. For our children, God-children, neices and nephews, and others. For all those who look up to us, who learn from us, who rely on us. We place all of these precious lives into your hands. You knitted them together in their mothers wombs. May they be held by you, protected by you, blessed by you, loved by you. We pray that they will grow in faith and in love, that they will seek after peace and justice, that they will become wise and kind. Amen.

The following prayers have been inspired by the prayers for Mother’s Day produced by Home for Good in 2023. Access all their Mother’s Day resources here.

Prayer for those who are waiting for family

God of the waiting. Whilst we know that your timing is best, we ask you to surround those who are waiting for family with your love. Be with them through the times of wondering and questioning. Help them to trust in you, and to follow where you lead them. May your voice be louder than those of doubt, of fear and of society’s expectations. And may you bring joy from unexpected places. Amen.

Prayer for those who care for children

God of the caring. We thank you for all those who care for children and young people through their jobs and volunteer roles. For those who ensure children are safe and healthy, and those who teach, guide and encourage. For those who work to make the world a better place for children across the globe, and for those who read, write, learn and speak on behalf of children, ensuring their voices are heard and needs met. We pray that all of these people will continue to work with kindness, compassion, patience, wisdom and honesty. Amen.

Prayer for those who have welcomed children into their family

God who adopted each of us. We think today of foster carers, adoptive parents and others taking on caring responsibilities. We ask that you strengthen and uphold each of them, and grant them guidance and grace as they nurture the children in their care. We pray that more people will be able to take on such roles, providing a place of stability, safety and love for children and young people. Show us too how we as individuals and as your Church, can support families through prayer, encouragement or practical support. Amen.

Prayer for the women who walk alongside us

God of friendship. We think today of those in our community who have stepped into our lives with love, guidance and friendship. Thank you for the friends, the relatives, the church family members who walk through life with us. Who celebrate with us, and who mourn with us. Thank you for those who listen and understand. Thank you for those who bring joy and laughter. Amen.

Prayer for the women who have impacted our journey in faith

God of the faithful. We thank you for the women who have been like spiritual mothers to us; For the Sunday School leaders, the youth workers, the church leaders, the worship leaders, the prayer warriors. Thank you for those who have shared with us the good news of your love for us, who have taught us more about you, and have encouraged us along our journeys of faith. Help us also to take on this role, encouraging, guiding and raising up others in their faith. Amen.

What are your prayers for Mother’s Day? Share your own prayers in the comments!

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