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Looking for prayers for Advent for yourself, your family or your church? Here are some resources, videos and prayers to help you this Advent.

Advent is a season of expectation and preparation. Of looking forward – both to Christmas, and to Jesus’ return. Different denominations and church traditions celebrate Advent in different ways. Even the secular world marks this season with Advent calendars counting us down to Christmas.

So, let us use this season as a time for prayer. To prepare ourselves and to look forward to Christmas.

Family prayers for Advent

Here are some prayers that you could use throughout this season of Advent. These are perfect for you to pray together as a family, or in your own prayer times.

Dear God, as we look forward to Christmas together, help us to be ready. Ready to celebrate the gift of your birth, and eagerly waiting for the day when you return to take us home with you. Amen.

Prayer of Preparation

Dear God, help me to get ready for Christmas. To be ready to celebrate. Ready to remember your great gift to us. Ready to praise and worship you. But, in the busyness of Christmas, help me also to remember that we always need to be ready for your return too. Help me not to become tired or impatient, but always eagerly awaiting you. Show me how I can be ready for you. Amen.

Prayer for those stressed about Christmas

Dear God, Christmas is a time of great joy and celebration – the birth of Jesus! But, for some people, Christmas has become stressful, tiring and sad. Whether people are worried about being able to afford food and presents; or cannot be with loved ones due to illness or distance; or are struggling to cope with the pressures that the world places on this holiday. Be with them all, may they know your loving presence with them, and may they see the true joy of Christmas, free from stress and pain. Amen.

Prayer for Jesus’ return

Dear God, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas, we remember all that Jesus did for us and for the world. The people he healed, the miracles he performed, the teachings he gave. And ultimately, his death upon the cross and his victory over death.  We remember it all, and we look forward with excitement to the day when he will return and call us home. Help us not to focus too much on the things of this world, but to remember the hope and the home that we have to come. Amen.

Prayer for Christmas celebrations

Dear God, we pray for local churches around the world as they celebrate Christmas this year. May their doors be flung open wide to invite their communities to hear the good news of Jesus. We pray that you will bless and protect all of their services, events, outreaches, and invitations. Give all those involved the right words to say, and the wisdom to know when to speak. This Christmas may more people come to know you. Amen.

Prayers for Advent: Week by week

In the Church of England tradition, Advent lasts from the fourth Sunday before Christmas until Christmas Eve. Each week, we explore a different theme or person.

Week 1 we look at the patriarchs, the forefathers of our faith – all the way back to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Week 2 is all about the prophets, those who foretold of what was to come such as Daniel, Jonah, Elijah and many more in the Old Testament. Week 3 focuses on John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Jesus. Finally, week 4 looks at Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Why not use these prayer reflection videos to guide your prayers each week of Advent?

Week One: Forefathers

Week Two: Prophets

Week Three: John the Baptist

Week Four: Mary

Plus, make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel to see this year’s weekly prayer reflections throughout Advent!

What other prayers for advent do you think we need?

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