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Are you leading prayers at church this harvest? Here are the intercessions we used for our all-age harvest celebration service. These were very much inspired by LLM Calling, who wrote similar prayers using different breads. You can find her prayers here.

These are the prayers that I originally wrote – but I did end up cutting them down for the service as they are a bit too long. I wanted to share the full prayers here so that you could choose which bits fit best for your service.

I brought all the foods included in these prayers as part of our harvest gifts, and held them up during the prayers. You could also show photos of the foods on the screen, or get volunteers to hold up the different foods as you talk about them.

Prayers for Harvest

For our prayers today, we will be using some of our harvest gifts to lead us.

When I say: “Thank you for the harvest”, the response is: “your mercy endures forever”.

Let us pray:

Lord of the Harvest, thank you for your generosity to us. For all the good things that you have given to us. From the plants that grow, to the foods we eat, and those who sit alongside us. Help us to share what we have, being generous as you are generous to us.

Thank you for the harvest. Your mercy endures forever.

Look at this bag of pasta. How many meals could this make? It is enough to feed many. It reminds us of God’s abundance and kindness.

We give thanks for the earth that you have created. For the beauty that we see around us. For the animals and the plants, the mountains and the valleys, the streams and the oceans. Help us to care for the world around us, to protect it from harm, and to allow it to thrive. Show us how we can make a difference in this world.

May we always remember to be thankful for what we have given, and for those who have worked to bring these foods from the ground to our plates. We pray for those who cannot afford enough food for themselves and their family – and ask that the gifts we have given today will bless those in our community who find themselves in that situation.

Thank you for the harvest. Your mercy endures forever.

Look at these mushy peas. Crushed and squashed. They remind us of the times when we feel beaten down.

We pray for all those who are feeling beaten down today. Those who are stressed, worried about the future. Those who feel alone, unwell or upset. For those who are facing a crisis and cannot see a way out. May they know you are with them and receive your love and peace.

We pray especially for those who we know are facing difficult times. For [insert the names of people in your church who need your prayers].

Help us to care for those around us, to respond when we see people in need.

Thank you for the harvest. Your mercy endures forever.

Look at these party rings. Whilst they are fun and delicious, they also have a hole in the middle. This reminds us of the holes in our lives and in society, where we feel something, or someone is missing.

Lord, we pray for your comfort to be with all those who are grieving. May they know that they are not alone and that you are always with them.

We also bring before you all those in our society who are forgotten. Those who fall through the holes in our world. For the homeless and the hungry. For the marginalised and mistreated. For those who are fleeing from dangerous situations. For those who have been outcast from their families and communities. For those who need help and support but cannot find it.

Show us how we can stand up for those who are forgotten. To be a voice for the voiceless.

Thank you for the harvest. Your mercy endures forever.

Look at these beans. They are a family pack. Separate but connected. They remind us of our families, and how we are all connected as one family.

We pray for children across the world. Especially those who are forced to grow up too soon, whether due to poverty, war or mistreatment.

Today we especially remember the schoolgirls involved in dangerous protests in Iran, and the families of all those killed in the pre-school attack in Thailand. Be with all of them, protect them and give them strength.

Help us to be a blessing to all the children in our lives. May we guide them in the right direction, lead them by example, and help them to grow in faith, kindness and love.

Thank you for the harvest. Your mercy endures forever.

Look at this fruit salad. Full of different colours, different flavours, all coming together. It reminds us that we are called to live in peace and unity with one another.

We pray for the parts of our world that do not know peace. May there be an end to war, violence, and persecution. We especially remember those whose lives have been overturned by war – those who have been forced to flee, those whose livelihoods have been destroyed, those who have lost loved ones.

Be with those who have influence to bring peace. Give them wisdom and courage to bring about change.

Thank you for the harvest. Your mercy endures forever.

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