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How do you know if you are worshipping idols? Idols are anything that we prioritise above God. That we place first in our life, and begin to worship.

Sometimes these idols are obvious. But sometimes they are much more subtle. Sometimes they creep up on us. Starting out as an innocent interest in our lives. Then suddenly we realise they have become a priority in our lives. Something that we have placed too much emphasis on.

So, how do we spot them? How do you know if you are worshipping idols?

Maybe one of the idols I mentioned in this video stands out to you. Maybe you recognise one of them from your own life.

Another way you might identify idols in your life, is through God’s conviction. Make time to listen for God’s direction. Ask him to reveal the idols in your life. To show you the things that you are placing too much importance upon.

If nothing is jumping out at you through these methods, we also have three questions for you to ask. Ask yourself these questions, and reflect on your answers.

3 questions to know if you are worshipping idols

Question 1: What stops you from spending time with God?

How often do you plan to spend time with God, then realise you never got around to it? What was it that stopped you? What did you do instead?

Question 2: What can you not stop thinking about?

What do you day dream about? Is there something you always find yourself thinking about?

Question 3: If I asked the people around you what you love, what would they say?

What do other people think your priorities are? What would they say are the most important things in your life?

As you were working through these three questions, what things came up for you? Were there any common answers? Perhaps these questions will have highlighted some of the most important things in your life. Or things that you didn’t realise were taking up so much of your brain and life.

Take some more time to examine these things, and their place in your life. Have you placed any of them as higher than God? Are you prioritising any of them above God?

Maybe this blog post has highlighted something that has become an idol in your life. If it has, do watch this video to find out how to overcome your idols (or check back here for a blog post coming soon!).

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