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It’s been a while since we wrote a blog for our ‘Lessons from’ series, learning from stories in the Bible. But today we are back with four lessons from Jesus walking on water.

This is a story that you may well have heard before. It comes after Jesus feeds the 5,000 in the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible. You can read it in Matthew 14:22-33. Personally, it’s a miracle that I really love. It’s the kind of miracle you can’t just explain away as a coincidence. Because it’s different to many of Jesus’ other miracles – it isn’t simply power over the weather, or power to heal. As amazing as those things are!

But this is an extraordinary event. The kind of thing you can’t even imagine. A crazy kind of miracle.

So, can we learn lessons from Jesus walking on water? Here are four!

Trust in Jesus

How much do you trust God? Enough to step out of a boat and onto the water? The trust that Peter demonstrates in this story is incredible. It defies logic. It defies common sense.

This is the kind of trust that we should all have in Jesus. We should trust that if God calls us to something, he will be with us. We should trust that Jesus will catch us if we fall.

We wobble when we stop focusing on Jesus

In this story, we see that Peter begins to sink when he stops focusing on Jesus. When his mind begins to wander to the crashing waves and the deep water beneath. It isn’t the water itself that knocks him off course, but his own focus.

And it’s the same for us. When we are focused on Jesus, we can weather any storm. The storms will still come, of course. But we can face them head on, just as Peter could walk on the water. If we take our eyes off Jesus, if we allow our minds to focus on the challenges and obstacles we are facing. That is when those challenges will start to feel overwhelming.

So, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Focus on him more than you focus on the things that are trying to push you off course.

How do you focus on Jesus?

Remind yourself regularly of who God is – his power and his promises to you. Remembering God’s greatness will make everything else seem small in comparison.

Pray. And keep on praying. Spend time with God. Listen for his voice. Bring your requests, struggles, hopes and fears before him.

…but even when you wobble, he’s there

The good news, however, is that when we do wobble. When we lose focus and fear closes in. Jesus is there to catch us.

Jesus doesn’t let Peter drown because he stopped focusing on him. He reached out his hand to him. He caught him.

If you feel link you’re beginning to sink, Jesus is there with you. When you’re struggling to refocus your eyes back on Jesus, he meets you where you are. He holds you and he steadies you. He will not let you sink.

Nothing is impossible for God

I mentioned before just how crazy I think this miracle is. It’s a great reminder of God’s power. He is not limited by anything. Not by the weather, not by science, not by what we know. Not even by our craziest imaginations. All things are possible with him. Even walking on water. If he can do that, just think of what he can do in your life.

What Bible stories would you like us to explore next? Let us know in the comments!

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