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On 24th February 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Over two months later, the fighting continues. Whilst this war may not be hitting the headlines like it was at the beginning, it should still remain in our prayers.

But when we’re faced with a world event like this, it can be hard to know where to start with our prayers. There are so many needs, so many people, so much damage. Here are some prayers for Ukraine for you to use:

Prayer for protection

Dear God, thank you for the many times that you have protected the people of Ukraine during this war. For all those who have been able to flee to safety. Those who have narrowly escaped bombings. And those who have been able to defend their homes and country.

We pray that you continue to protect those who need you now. Protect those who remain in their country. Keep them safe from attack and ensure that they have all that they need. Protect those still trying to reach a safe place. Help them to find a place to call home. Amen.

Prayer for peace

Dear God, you are a God of peace. You call us to be at peace with those around us. To love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute. Today, we ask for you to bring peace in Ukraine. That we will see an end to this fighting.

Be with all those organisations and individuals who are working for peace. Give them wisdom, courage, and a will to persevere. Reveal the right words to say, and the right times to take action. Be also with those currently waging this war. Change their hearts, reveal yourself to them and help them to bring about peace. Amen.

Prayer for refugees

Dear God, we pray for all those who have been forced to leave their homes and their community. We thank you for the hospitality of those who have welcomed them and given them safety, comfort, and provision. Be with them as they grieve all that they have left behind. Help them to find the love and support that they need wherever they find themselves.

Continue to provide for those who have yet to find a place to call home. Break down the obstacles that are holding people back and open up safe options for them. Help us as the local church around the world to be your hands and feet here on Earth. Show us how we can help those in need during this time, whether opening our homes, giving of our money or time or skills, or simply through continuing to pray. Amen.

Prayer for healing

Dear God, you are a miraculous healer. We ask for your healing hand to be upon this situation. Bring healing to those who are injured. Healing to those who have lost loved ones in the worst of circumstances. Bring healing to those who cannot access the medical care that they need. And bring healing to those who will never be able to forget the trauma that they have experienced.

Repair broken bones and painful wounds. Heal grief and heartbreak. Heal anxious thoughts and great sadness. Restore divisions and disagreements. Bring your comfort and your love today. Amen.

Prayer for rebuilding

Dear God, as we pray for a near end to this invasion, we pray also for those who will rebuild. From the repairing of homes and cities destroyed. To the businesses and organisations forced to begin again from nothing. Help those who want to return home to know that they can be safe and look forward to all that the future holds.

And we pray also for those who may not wish to return. That they will build new lives in new countries. That they will find work and community and hope. Amen.

Prayer Reflection for Ukraine

Looking for more prayers for Ukraine? This reflective prayer video will lead you through a number of Bible passages to encourage you to reflect and pray.

More prayers for Ukraine

To continue to pray for this situation, many others have also written powerful prayers for Ukraine and advice for how to pray. Here are just a few places to help you:

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