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Surprise, I’m having a baby!

I have been pregnant for about 6 months and have about 4 months to go – I know, this whole 9-month thing was a scam! So, whilst I am certainly no expert on pregnancy, it has given me time to reflect and think about this time, and in particular the different way that I view pregnancy as a Christian compared to non-Christians.

So today I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and reflections on pregnancy as a Christian, and my theology of pregnancy as it’s developing. Obviously, every pregnancy is different and different women have very different experiences, which I think is very important to bear in mind, as I can only draw upon my experience and what I have heard and seen from other women around me.

Children are a blessing from God

I have been very fortunate so far to not have had any negative responses to people finding out I’m pregnant. No one has made comments about me being too young or making a mistake or wasting my life, or anything of the kind. I know from hearing other women talk about this that those opinions are voiced surprisingly frequently and even in front of the children themselves and I am very grateful not to have had to deal with that.

One of the biggest topics surrounding pregnancy is of course the abortion debate, and whilst that is a blog for another time, I think many of the discussions boil down to how you view a child. The Bible teaches me that all children are a blessing from God. Yes, there are women thrust into unexpected pregnancies in truly awful and heart-breaking ways, but that doesn’t make the child themselves any less precious, or any less of a gift.

Reflecting upon this and knowing that the child that is currently growing is a blessing and a gift from God has given me a lot of peace during my pregnancy so far. It’s helped me to feel closer to them because I see them as this precious person that God has designed and created, and much more laid back about things that I begin to get anxious about.

God knows my child already

Building upon the last point, the fact that God has designed and created my child is a really powerful thing for me to think about. It means that he already knows everything about them. He knows every second of every day of their lives. He knows who they are, what they will do, their flaws and the things that make them unique. Right now, I know none of that – it’s all still to come, and it’s all things I am so excited to find out. But somehow, it’s a lot easier (and super exciting) feeling like that journey will be walking a path where God has gone before me. Nothing I discover about my child will be a surprise to him, and that is incredibly reassuring.

God is in control

As this is my first time being pregnant, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood are all deep in the world of the unknown for me. As a planner, and someone who likes to have at least a little bit of control, that is kind of wild. Throughout the rest of this pregnancy, I’m sure I will experience many more things that I do not expect, and have minimal control over. Whilst the internet is full of information (which I love) and apps are continuously telling me more about my baby and what is happening inside my body (which I also love), different women can have wildly different experiences so of course no one will ever be able to tell you what your experience is going to be like.

You also have a child growing inside of you. Yes you can of course do everything you can to protect that child and keep you both healthy: not drinking alcohol, not smoking, taking vitamins, avoiding the recommended foods, doing the exercises that have been recommended to you. But ultimately, I have still felt like there is so little I can do for this tiny human. I can’t see what’s going on in there, I can’t check up on them and how they’re doing, and there’s very little I can do to help them on a day-to-day basis.

Letting God be in control of my pregnancy, of my child’s life, is actually pretty reassuring and a whole lot easier than thinking it is down to me to somehow control something I cannot control.

I’m sure I will have many more things to reflect upon throughout the rest of my pregnancy and I hope that God does continue to use this as a time to help me focus upon him. I am very excited to see what is coming my way.

Let me know what other pregnancy content you would like to see on this blog down in the comments.

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