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In today’s installment of our ‘Lessons from’ series (read more of them here!) we have a bit of a double whammy. In this story we see both Jesus heal a sick woman after many years of bleeding, and we see him raise a young girl from the dead. You can read the whole story in Mark 5:21-43 or watch this story be re-told by penguins in our latest animation here:

So, what lessons can we learn from this Bible story?

Approach Jesus bravely

In this story, we see two people show significant bravery in approaching Jesus and asking for his healing. Jairus was a synagogue leader, and it would have been a great risk for him to turn to Jesus for help. The other was the woman. She had experienced 12 years of bleeding, which would have caused her to be seen as dirty, and outcast from society. By coming into this crowd, and coming to Jesus, she risked being mocked and sent away by those around her.

Jesus’ timing is perfect

I’m sure if you were Jairus, you would have wanted Jesus to get to your daughter as quickly as possible to help her. Maybe you would have been wanting to hurry him along when he stopped to ask who had touched him – why does that even matter? But Jesus wasn’t worried. Even when the men from Jairus’ household arrived to tell him that the girl had died, he wasn’t put off.

Yes, perhaps if he had arrived a little earlier, he could have healed the young girl before she died. But in Jesus’ timing, he was able to demonstrate the full extent of his healing power. He was able to glorify God in a completely different way and reveal more of himself to those who were there. It wouldn’t have been the timing that Jairus was hoping for – but it was Jesus’ timing.

Jesus heals

Maybe this seems like a simple lesson to take from a Bible story about Jesus’ healings. But it’s an important lesson from this story. Jesus heals. He heals the sick, even someone who has been sick for so long, who has been outcast by her community, who has tried so many different things but has never found healing anywhere else.

And ultimately, he heals everything. Maybe not during our time on Earth, but we are promised an eternity with God where this is no more pain or illness or death. Where Jesus has healed all things, and all things are well. He revealed this power through this miracle, and through his death and rising again. It’s a power that gives us hope, even after 12 years of bleeding, even after death.

Can we learn any other lessons from this Bible story?

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