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The other day I had someone comment on an Instagram post (come follow me on Instagram here) telling me that prayer shouldn’t be fun. If you’ve been here a little while you will of course know that I thoroughly disagree – prayer absolutely can be fun!

Just as any conversation with a good friend or loved one can be fun in and of itself, talking to God can also be so enjoyable and refreshing and joyful and FUN. Not always – sometimes prayer is hard, and painful and takes a lot of perseverance. But at other times, prayer is fun. And we can do prayer in lots of fun and creative ways.

I have lots of blogs full of creative prayer ideas which you can find here, but today I wanted to focus less on the creative and more on the fun.

Prayer games is not a term that I have used before (although I imagine there are people out there who have used it), but in my mind prayer games are fun ways to encourage us to prayer. These could be games that involve prayer, or games that lead to prayer, or turning the creation/writing/praying of a prayer into a game.

*Note: by mixing together games and prayers, I am not at all suggesting that we downplay the importance of prayer, or the respect that we show to God. These prayer games should be accompanied by good teaching around what prayer is and why we do it and shouldn’t be the only way that we pray – we can model praying in lots of different ways.

I think prayer games are a great way to get lots of different people praying: children, whole families together, youth groups, adults who struggle to focus for a long time on prayer, and anyone that thinks prayer is just too boring for them!

So, here are some examples of some prayer games that you could try!

Prayer Dice

You may have seen prayer dice before – it’s a really simple but effective idea. You simply roll the dice and either pray the prayer on that side of the dice or follow the instruction that it gives you. Growing up, we used a prayer dice for saying grace before meals and it had six different prayers varying in style or length.

Prayer dice are super helpful for people who aren’t sure what to say when they pray, or who are a bit nervous praying out loud (if that’s you, I have a whole video full of tips for praying out loud here!).

You could also make your own prayer dice! Just make a cube and write something on each side – you could write out a whole prayer, or just a topic to pray for if you want to leave it more open.

Hook-a-Duck Prayers

You may have seen this game before if you watched my 50 ways to pray for 5 video (you can watch it again here), but this game is exactly what it says on the tin. Grab yourself a paddling pool, some ducks and some fishing rods and you are ready to pray (kinda).

If your ducks don’t come with different colours on the bottom, add some (you could use waterproof pen, or small coloured stickers), then assign something to pray for to each colour. Now, when you hook a duck, you simply check the colour and pray for that thing!

Map Prayers

I am a big fan of maps, so it’s probably no surprise that any prayer ideas involving maps are my favourites. For this, you need a large map (of the world, your country, or your local area) or a soft globe (like an inflatable one!).

If you have a globe, you can play a game of catch & wherever your hands are when you catch it, pray for that country & the people who live there. If you have a map, you can follow a similar idea, but instead of throwing and catching the map, you can roll toy cars or planes across it and see where they stop, or even through a bean bag from a distance and see where you land.

Make your own prayer game!

I love TBR games. If you haven’t heard of these, they are popular videos over on the bookish side of YouTube, where people use games to choose what books to read. There Becca’s Bookopoly, TBR pursuit, play your TBR right – all taking pre-existing games and adapting them into a TBR game. Then there are other kinds of TBR games: wheel of TBR (a spinning wheel), m and ms choose my TBR, and even penguins choose my TBR game – that one’s mine & you can check it out here!

But in the same way we take games and turn them into TBR games, I also think we can turn these same games into prayer games. Instead of prompts to help us choose books, we can replace these with prompts that help us to pray – different people, different countries, different themes, different topics.

Take my TBR game as an example: Penguins choose my TBR becomes Penguins choose my prayers. We can roll the dice, move our penguin counter around the game board. The different penguins on the board could relate to different specific people that I want to pray for, the red coloured spaces could mean I draw a country from a jar and pray for that country. This is totally customisable to the things that you want to be praying about and I think could be a really fun game to play as a family.

What other prayer games do you think we should try? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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