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Today, 23rd March 2021, marks one year since lockdown began here in the UK. One whole year since the pandemic really began to impact our daily lives. Right at the beginning of the pandemic, I wrote a blog post full of Prayers for the Coronavirus Pandemic (which you can read here), but now it’s been a year and I think it’s time to share some more prayers for coronavirus pandemic, reflecting on all that has changed in the last year.

Firstly, Marie Curie, supported by many other organisations including The Church of England, have marked today as a National Day of Reflection – a day to commemorate all those who have died in the last year, and to support those who are grieving. To mark this day, I have created a prayer reflection video for my YouTube channel which explores three of the key themes of day: Reflect, Support & Hope. Check out this reflective prayer video here:

Prayer of Reflection

Dear God, today we reflect upon the lives of each of the millions of people around the world who have passed away over the past year. Each one of these people was known personally to you, loved by you, created by you and in your own image. We thank you for every single one of these people, for the life that they lived, for the impact that they had upon the world, and for the difference they made in the lives of the people around them. Help us to remember, when we hear these huge death count numbers, that each of those numbers was a real person who leaves behind grieving friends and family. Amen.

Prayer for the grieving

Dear God, as we remember all those who have passed away this year, we bring before you all those who are left behind. Be with all of the millions of people who are grieving the loss of a loved one today, especially those who weren’t able to say a proper goodbye because of Covid-19. Bring them your comfort, your peace, your love. Show us how we can best serve and support those in our community who are mourning, show us these opportunities and guide us in our words and actions so that we can make a difference. Amen.

Prayer for hope

Dear God, we know that even in death you offer hope. Hope for a future with you. Hope for a future where there is no illness, no crying, no death, no pain. We pray that more people will come to know you, and the hope that you provide. We also pray that you will give us hope for a brighter future here on Earth, that we will see the light at the end of the tunnel and begin to look forwards to all that we can do once restrictions have eased. Amen.

Prayer for the fearful

Dear God, after the tragedy of this year, we pray for all those who are feeling fearful at this time. As restrictions ease, and places begin to open again, grant them the wisdom to keep themselves safe, but also the courage to face the world again. Help them to feel safe, guide businesses as they decide what measures to put in place to keep people safe and grant other people the patience and wisdom to ensure that those around them feel safe. Above all, help each person not to live in fear, and not to be confined by fear. Amen.

Prayer for the arts

Dear God, at this time we pray in particular for the arts. For actors, musicians, theatres, music venues, artists, museums, galleries, and all involved in the arts who have been so affected by the pandemic. We ask that you rebuild these industries, that you comfort those who are suffering, that you revive the creativity that has been limited during this time. Amen.

Prayer for the ill

Dear God, we thank you for each person who has recovered after having Covid-19, and we pray for all those who are still suffering the consequences of Long-Covid, recovering from Covid, and those who are still receiving treatment in hospital. Bring full healing to each of these people, both physically and mentally. Restore them to full health and bring them patience and strength as they recover. We also pray for wisdom and energy for the wonderful doctors and nurses who have cared for people throughout this pandemic. Amen.

Prayer for recovery

Dear God, as well as individual recovery, we also pray for the recovery of economies, of industries, of careers and businesses. May you guide the thoughts and decisions of world leaders as they balance keeping people safe from the virus with protecting the economy and businesses that the world needs to function well. Be with business leaders, with the self-employed, with decision makers as they make plans for recovery and rebuilding over the coming months and years. Give them wisdom, give them perseverance, give them patience, give them compassion. Amen.

Prayer for the world

Dear God, for our final prayer we pray for the world. We pray for all those countries who are still facing high numbers of Covid cases and deaths. We pray for countries whose healthcare systems are struggling to cope with this pandemic. We pray for countries who do not yet have access to a vaccine, or to sufficient quantities of the vaccine to support their population. We pray for countries whose economies have been particularly hard hit by the loss of tourism and travel. We pray for each person around the world who is struggling today, whether due to illness, to grief, to fear, to financial struggle, to stress, to fatigue, to mental health, to job insecurity, to persecution, or for any other reasons. Amen.

Do share your own prayers in the comments too!

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