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Hello! Bernard the Bible Bull is back with his favourite blog series: ‘Lessons from…’. In this series, we look at stories from the Bible, and dig into some of the lessons we can learn from them. These lists are not exhaustive by any means, the word of God is living and active, and can teach us so many things, at different times, in different ways.

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Today, we are looking at the story of the Baptism of Jesus. We can read this story in the Bible, in Matthew 3:13-17. Plus, you can watch our animation of this Bible reading here:

So, what lessons can we learn from the Baptism of Jesus?

Jesus is the Son of God

I love how the Baptism of Jesus really does just launch his ministry. And this event, so early in the gospel books, lays out exactly who Jesus is – straight from the voice of God. There’s no room for doubt, the Spirit of God comes down like a bird, and the voice of God speaks over Jesus: “This is my son”. Not much space for argument there! This is an important thing to begin the gospels with. As much as people may be happy to believe that Jesus was “just a good person”, “just a good teacher”; it does make a huge difference whether he was a normal human man, or the actual son of God.  It’s important that we read the gospel story, from Jesus’ teachings and miracles to his death and resurrection, knowing that this Jesus is the son of God.

It’s not about you

Humility is not a trait that we see a whole lot of in modern society. We can be very big on making things about us, making sure we get credit for every little thing we’ve done. But, when we look at John the Baptist, we see a wonderful example of humility and of pointing towards Jesus in everything he does. John’s whole ministry is about preparing the way for Jesus. About saying, I’m not the light, but the light is coming. Even when Jesus comes to him to be baptised, John knows that it’s not about him. He says, “I should be baptised by you!”, because he already knows who Jesus is and that is really is all about Jesus, not himself.

Baptism is important

I grew up attending a Baptist church, so I think I have quite a high regard for baptism generally. It was always taken very seriously, and when someone chose to get baptised, we had a whole service dedicated to them telling their testimony and celebrating this big event. In the Church of England, it’s not that baptism is seen an unimportant, but in the churches that I’ve been a part of, it hasn’t been given the same level of celebration.

But this reading really highlights the importance of baptism. As a sign of a new beginning. As something that Jesus himself did to signify the beginning of his ministry here on Earth. I was baptised aged 18 (remember, Baptist church – we didn’t do infant baptism) and it was a really important step for me (you can read about my testimony and why I decided to get baptised here). If baptism is something that you are interested in, I really encourage you to speak with your church leaders!

What other lessons do you think we could learn from the Baptism of Jesus?

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