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Do you use a Christian Bullet Journal? I love using a bullet journal to create the perfect planner, tracker, diary and more all in one place. There aren’t many ready-made notebooks out there that have weekly planners, with a book tracker, a place for my goals AND a place to track prayer requests!

That is the beauty of bullet journaling – you can use it for so many different things, including the things that will help you to grow in your faith in your daily life. So today I wanted to share some of the things that we can track in a Christian bullet journal! I hope these ideas give you some inspiration for your own planners of bullet journals.

6 things to track in your Christian bullet journal


I am a praying penguin, so of course my bullet journal needed to include at least a few spreads dedicated to prayer!

In 2020, I had one page for ‘Prayer Requests’ and one page for ‘Answers to Prayer’ and then left the rest of the pages blank. Then throughout the year I added doodles and little notes to the relevant pages. Some things appeared on both pages, some were just one or the other but it’s very interesting to look back at now.

For 2021, I have done it slightly differently. I again have a Prayer Requests spread, but I have split this into four boxes: Family, Friends, Community and World. Throughout the year I will add all of the prayer requests (both my own & those I hear from others) to these boxes. On the second page I now have a page for Prayers of Thanksgiving. Rather than listing answers to prayer, I wanted to widen this out for all my prayers of thanks (which can definitely include answers to prayer too!) which I will record probably as a straight-forward list.

Prayer Requests and Thanksgiving Spreads

Bible Study

Another spiritual discipline that we can track in our Christian bullet journal, is reading or studying the Bible. My favourite way to do this is to create a series of spreads where I can tick off each chapter of each book of the Bible as I study or read them. I love doing this as it gives me such a good overview of what I have read in the Bible – and it looks really cool too!


I have spoken a whole lot about goals on this blog, and on my YouTube channel so I won’t go into too much detail again. If you’d like to see some of my thought process on how to set Christian goals – check out this blog post here. Or if you’d like to hear what goals I set for myself, I have a video all about that here.

In terms of tracking these goals in my bullet journal, I have a main goals spread where I lay out my goals for the year and the most important thing about this spread is that in each goals box I break down that goal into smaller steps so I can see how I am progressing throughout the year.

This year, I have also set myself 21 challenges to complete in 2021 so I have a whole spread dedicated to this challenge where I can simply tick off each challenge when it is completed. You can find out more about this challenge, and join in, here.


Whilst I have talked about prayer and Bible study as having their own spreads in your Christian bullet journal, you could also track both of these things as part of your habits. Each month there may be different habits that you want to complete each day, or at least frequently throughout the month, and habit trackers are a great way to motivate yourself and even just remind yourself of these things that you want to do.


2021 is the first year that I have tracked my reading in my bullet journal, and I am enjoying it a lot so far! I have included quite a few different spreads all about reading, such as a simple list of the books I have read, with a star rating; a tracker to record which continent each author is from, and which continent each book is set in (to understand why I am recording these in my bullet journal, check out my video all about my reading plans & goals here); The Unread Shelf Project Bingo Board (find out more here); a NetGalley tracker; and Arnold’s Reading Challenge tracker (again, see more here!).

Gift Ideas

I know gifts aren’t specifically Christian at all, but I do think that gifts can be a big part of how we show hospitality, and how we show love to other people (particularly if gifts are one of your love languages). In my bullet journal, I like to keep a list of ideas that I have for gifts – so that when their birthday rolls around, or Christmas, or I just feel that they would value a surprise gift, I am not stuck for ideas! Every time I spot something that I think someone else would like, throughout the year I can add it to this one place!

Gift Ideas Spread

What would you want to track in a Christian bullet journal? Or what do you track?

To see my whole bullet journal set-up, check out this video:

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