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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021, a year where hopefully we might see the back of this pandemic and return to “normal life”, if you can remember what that looked like.

This year, even more than previous years, I feel that there are certain things I am praying over this new year. Some of them are personal: things that I want to see in my own life this year; but many of them are for the world and will apply to many of us. I have collated them here, so that we can all pray these prayers for 2021 together, and also so that we can come back at the end of the year and see how God has answered these prayers throughout the year.

5 Prayers for a New Year

A prayer for healing

Dear God, 2020 was a year of hurt for many people. There are so many people around the world who are grieving, who are unwell and suffering, who are dealing with mental health issues, who are struggling financially. You see all of them. You know each person, their specific situations, and you know what is best for them. We pray that 2021 will be a year of healing, physically, emotionally, mentally, globally. Be with all of these individuals through their recovery; comfort them, bring them peace and provide all they need to heal from the suffering this year has brought. Amen.

A prayer for protection

Dear God, in 2021 we pray for your protection over us. Protect this world from the continued spread of the Coronavirus, from any further mutations of the virus, and from the effects of long-Covid illnesses. Keep us safe and help us to find the knowledge needed to best keep one another safe. Protect us also, from the impact of this pandemic upon our mental health. Bring comfort, wisdom and patience to mental health units across the world and protect all those who are struggling or turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Amen.

A prayer for new life

Dear God, in 2021 new life will be born into this world. Help us to celebrate all of these new lives and to recognise their value. Be with all expecting and new parents this year, bring them peace and joy for this new season in their lives. Surround them with people who can care for them and support them. We pray especially for those who have difficult pregnancies, or whose babies are unwell early in their lives. Surround these families with your love and bring light into the darkness for them. Amen.

A prayer for God’s kingdom

Dear God, in 2020 so many people have turned to you in prayer, and through online church services, to make sense of the difficulties facing the world. In 2021, we pray that all of these people will come to know you more deeply and will be welcomed into your Church community even more. We also pray that even more people will hear the good news about you this year; reveal yourself to them and bring them to yourself. Equip local churches around the world to reach more people and shepherd them well. Amen.

A prayer for strength and courage

Dear God, we do not know what 2021 will bring. We know that in this life, we will face suffering, but we do not know what that may look like this year. Help us to be strong and courageous in every situation that we face this year.  Help us to hold tightly to truth, love and justice, even when it would be easier not to. Surround us with a strong Christian community to encourage us, correct us and keep us focused upon you. Keep our eyes fixed upon you, whatever obstacles, joys, challenges, celebrations, disappointments we may encounter this year. Amen.

What are your prayers for a new year?

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