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It wouldn’t be Christmas without some festive creative prayer ideas! You can see my previous creative prayer ideas for Christmas here – but I wanted to share even more with you to help everyone get praying and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

If you want to see these creative prayer ideas for Christmas in action, do check out my new video here:

5 Creative Prayer Ideas for Christmas

Pom-Pom Prayers

Need some extra decorations for your Christmas tree? Grab some wool, two cardboard circles, and some scissors!

  1. Cut a hole in the centre of your cardboard circles to make two doughnuts
  2. Put your cardboard circles together and wrap the wool around the doughnut ring
  3. Prayer: As you wrap the wool, for each wrap think of something that you want to thank God for. By the end you will have thanked God for lots and lots of things!Keep wrapping until the centre of the doughnut is full of wool
  4. Cut around the edge of the ring, between the two cardboard circles
  5. Pull the circles apart slightly and tie a piece of wool around the centre of the pom-pom – holding all the wool together – don’t cut this yet
  6. Remove the cardboard circles
  7. Trim the pom-pom to make it an even sphere
  8. Take the wool you tied around the centre and use this to create a loop so you can hang your pom-pom.
  9. Hang your pom-pom on your Christmas tree as a reminder of all the things we have to be thankful for!

Snowflake Confession

I wanted to include a variety of different types of prayer within these prayer ideas – we still need to confess our sins and repent, even at Christmas. All you need for this idea is a square piece of paper, and some scissors.

  1. Make sure your piece of paper is cut into a square
  2. Fold it in half, then in half again, and then in half diagonally
  3. Make sure you know where the outside of square is – where there are no folded edges
  4. Trim this outside edge into a rounded shape
  5. Think about things that you have done recently that you want to say sorry to God for, each time you think of something cut a small notch in the folded piece of paper. This represents how, when we sin, we damage our relationship with God. Take some time to say sorry to God for all of these things.
  6. Open out the piece of paper to reveal a beautiful snowflake! This represents how, when we say sorry to God he forgives us and washes us as clean as snow!

Gifts Prayer Game

I’m not sure I’ve ever included a prayer game in any of these lists before – but I absolutely love this idea. I think it would be particularly great for praying together as a family or in small groups

Grab some random items from around your house, ideally small ones but absolutely anything could work. You will also need some newspaper, or recycled paper – I used the paper packaging from Christmas presents that I’d ordered online.

  1. Wrap up each item that you found using the paper you found – I would recommend not using tape so you can re-use the paper and not waste it.
  2. The first part of the game is to try and guess what it is that been wrapped up
  3. Once you (or the group) have taken a guess, open up the gift and see what it is!
  4. You could then either take it in turns, or whoever correctly guesses the item gets a turn, to lead a prayer inspired by that item.

This could look very different depending on what items you find to wrap up: sweets could lead to prays about food and those who are hungry; an Eifel Tower figurine could lead to prayers about people in France, or about holiday-based industries – hotels, campsites, tourist attractions; a soft toy could lead to prayers about endangered animals or farmers, or zoos, or other people who work with animals.

Pray through the Christmas Story

You will probably hear the Christmas Story many, many times over the Christmas period – at carol services, school assemblies, nativity plays, and more. But why not use this super well-known story to lead your prayers?

If you have a visual representation of the nativity story, like an advent calendar or crib scene, that can be super helpful to give you something tangible to focus upon, but it isn’t essential.

All you need to do for this prayer idea, is to assign a prayer topic to each element of the nativity scene or story – from Mary & Joseph, to the angels, the shepherds, the Kings, the animals, the stable, the manger, even baby Jesus.

Then as you go through the story, or around the scene, stop at each point where one of those people or elements are mentioned and prayer about that topic you assigned earlier.

I will have a whole blog post about another way to pray through the Christmas story coming very soon, so pop back on Tuesday 11am to see that!

Gingerbread Prayers

Don’t worry, of course I had to include a foody prayer idea – especially at Christmas! All you will need is gingerbread men, and something to decorate with – this could be icing pens, ready roll icing, sprinkles or mini sweets.

This prayer idea really is very simple, but lots of fun.

  1. Think of someone that you want to pray for. This could be a friend or family member, a famous person, someone you’ve seen in the news – anyone at all.
  2. Decorate your gingerbread man to represent that person – you could make them look like that person, write words or their name on it, or really do anything at all which will remind you of who you are praying for.
  3. As you eat your gingerbread man, pray for that person! You could pray for specific needs you know they have or situations they are facing, you could pray that they have a good Christmas and new year, or you could simply pray that God will be with them.

I hope you find these creative prayer ideas helpful – let me know in the comments which idea is your favourite! If you try any of them yourself, do take a photo and share it with me by email or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #PrayingWithArnold and #AdventWithArnold

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