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We’re back for our next instalment of our ‘Lessons from…’ series – you can read some more here! This time, we’re looking at the story of David and Goliath – a suuuuper well known Bible story, but as I said when we discussed Daniel in the Lion’s Den, this is another story that is used a lot in ministry with children: Sunday school, toddler groups, holiday clubs etc; but is then never mentioned again… and it makes no sense to me! This is a wonderful story, and by putting it in a box of “children’s stories”, adults miss out on exploring it. In fact, I wouldn’t blame people for forgetting that this story is actually in the Bible – I had no idea where in the Bible to find it until a few years ago.

Anywaaaaay. As I say, this is a wonderful story and I think there are lessons that we can all learn from it!

But first, if you want to refresh your memory of this story, check out our animated version here:

Lessons from David and Goliath

Our trust in God should lead to action

It can be quite easy for us to say that we trust God, to think that we trust God. But how are we living that our in our actions? What impact is our trust in God having upon our lives? David doesn’t just say that he trusts God. His trust led him directly to action. He didn’t just think, well if I fought against Goliath, I am sure God would help me; he thought: God will help me so I will fight. This is a confident faith, a faith without doubts.

Sometimes faith looks foolish to the world

When David suggested fighting against Goliath, the idea of him being able to defeat Goliath was laughed at by those around him. They thought this was a crazy idea. Bear in mind, these were also people who knew God, yet not one of them had had enough faith in God to face Goliath. Even to them, David’s faith seemed foolish. But David didn’t let this phase him, and you shouldn’t either. If Christians around you seem confused by your faith in God – remind them of David.

God cares about the smaller (& hidden) battles too

It can be easy to think that God will only be there to help us in the big battles, the battles that matter, the battles where other people are watching (like here with Goliath). But David reminds us that this just isn’t true. When David is explaining his faith that God will help him, he refers to two previous battles where God has rescued him: one against a lion and one against a bear. I think this chunk of the story is often skipped over, but it’s a wonderful reminder that God was there with David when no-one else was watching too. He had always been with David, helping him in all of his battles.

Make sure your faith is bigger than your fear

The size of our obstacle doesn’t matter. Nothing that we can fear: no person, no situation, no conflict, no challenge is bigger than the God we believe in. For the army cowering away as Goliath called to them, their fear of Goliath had grown bigger than their trust in God – leading them to be unable to do anything. Maybe you feel able to trust God in the small things, but struggle when that thing you’re facing becomes bigger or more serious or more scary. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, but now it’s time to grow your faith. Get to know the God we serve, remind yourself just how big he is, remind yourself that he has already won.

What do you think we can learn from the story of David & Goliath?

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