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As we come up to Remembrance Day this year, and following Remembrance Sunday, I’m sure this is a topic that has been on many people’s minds. This year has been particularly difficult for many people, and for me personally that has pushed me to think more about the service and sacrifice that so many people have made, both in this current situation, and in the past. Plus, I don’t know about you, but 2020 has also made me want to pray for peace, peace and more peace!

So, for this Remembrance Day, I wanted to pick out some people that I think it’s really important for us to continue praying for – both now, and regularly too. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, and there are so many people who need our prayers. If there are particular people you would like to encourage us all to pray for, please do leave a comment down below.

People to pray for on Remembrance Day

Our armed forces

Whilst Remembrance Day is an opportunity to look back and honour those who have served in previous wars, it’s also an important reminder of those who are currently serving in our armed forces and risking so much. Pray for protection over them, for their safety, that the work they are doing will be impactful and beneficial. Pray for those in leadership positions within the armed forces, that they will act and make decisions with wisdom and courage, and care well for those they are in charge of.

The mourning

Whether someone lost a loved one in a previous war, or in ongoing conflict, we can continue to pray for them in their grief and mourning. We can pray that God is with them, bringing comfort and peace; that their community will know how to care for them and be with them in their time of need. Pray in particular for anyone you know personally who has lost a loved one due to conflict, ask God to give you opportunities and show you how you can help and be a blessing.

World Leaders

The Bible commands us to pray for those in positions of authority (1 Timothy 2:2), and this is particularly important in the context of conflict and peace. Whether we like a leader or not, we should certainly be praying for them. Pray that God gives them wisdom, compassion, patience, and courage. Pray that they will make decisions that benefit people around the world, that they will follow God’s will, and that they will work for peace rather than conflict.

Those living in war zones

Some people have no choice but to be involved in conflict, as war rages around them. Homes are destroyed, livelihoods ruined, families torn apart. Pray for all of these people, that they will be kept safe by God, that they will be provided with protection, shelter, food, water and warmth. Pray that peace will come in these places, and that people are able to return to their homes and rebuild their lives in these places that they love. Pray for those who are forced to flee from their homes, for their safety, that they will be shown compassion, and that they will find a safe place to live.

Charities bringing aid

There are so many charities that are working to help those living in war zones, or working to help countries recover and rebuild after conflict, or working to help those who have fled war torn countries to find safety elsewhere. Pray for the work of these charities, that it will make a difference in people’s lives and impact these countries in really positive ways. Pray for protection over charity workers risking their lives to bring aid in these often-dangerous places. Pray also for the fundraising work of these charities, that more people will hear of their work and will be able to support them financially, particularly whilst the pandemic has made fundraising difficult for many charities.

If you are looking for charities to support who work in this field, why not check out MSF (Doctors without borders), War Child, Clear (based in Southampton), Christian Aid, and Refugee Action.

Army chaplaincy teams

Our local army chaplain recently gave a presentation at a meeting I was attending, and it was really interesting to hear about this work – about the wonderful impact that this spiritual support has upon the men and women training and serving in our armed forces, many of whom have never experienced church and faith before. Pray for army chaplains around the world, for their protection and for the work that they are doing. Pray that through them, more and more people will come to know God, learn more about him, ask questions and grow in their faith.

Who else are you praying for on Remembrance Day?

If you want some advice on how to go about praying this Remembrance Day, why not check out this video sharing 4 creative ways to pray for peace:

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