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Halloween is certainly going to look different this year. I imagine maybe there will be less people out trick or treating, and less churches able to put on light events and other Halloween alternatives. Whatever it looks like, one thing that should definitely continue (and increase!) is our prayers. Halloween, a day when many people are celebrating, or exploring, dark and evil things, should probably be the day when we are most deeply in prayer.

So, I want to encourage you to join me in prayer as we approach Halloween – both on the 31st October itself and as people are preparing for Halloween too. If you don’t know where to start, I hope that these prayers will be a good starting point!

A prayer of protection

Dear God, we ask that your hand of protection is upon everyone out trick or treating this Halloween. Keep them safe from harm, protect them from injury, protect them from dangerous people, protect them from getting lost. Be with each child, parent and guardian. Help them to feel safe and secure in their community. Amen.

A prayer for local churches

Dear God, we pray for each church across the country, for church leaders and volunteers who are planning to serve their community in new ways this Halloween. As many light events may not be possible, due to the Coronavirus, we pray that churches will be able to think of creative and innovative ways to bless their community. We pray for everyone involved in these activities, that they will be fruitful and be able to share the good news of Jesus with those that they meet. Amen.

A prayer of spiritual warfare

Dear God, on a day when darkness is celebrated, we pray for your light. Shine across our world and lead people to yourself this Halloween. We ask that you will lead people to turn away from evil, from witchcraft, from new age activities, from darkness. Reveal your light and your glory to them. Help us to fight against the work of the devil this Halloween, equip us and strengthen us. Amen.

A prayer for your role

Dear God, how would you ask me to serve my community this Halloween? Show me how I can best bless my neighbours and share the gospel. Equip me with the skills, ideas, and courage to be a blessing to those around me. Give me the words to say, let the Holy Spirit direct my path and bring me to those people who need to experience God’s love. Amen.

A prayer for the fearful

Dear God, this Halloween, many people will be living in fear. Whether they are afraid of the spread of Coronavirus, of taking their children trick or treating, of the costumes and masks, of the dark elements of Halloween, or of the physical darkness at night, Halloween can highlight many of our fears. Be with everyone who is afraid this Halloween. Bring them comfort, peace and joy. Remind them that you are victorious, that you have already defeated the devil. Amen.

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