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I recently made a video, exploring how we can start reading the Bible (whether for the very first time, or for those trying to get back into a Bible reading habit) – which you can check out here! But what next? What do you do when you’re in the habit of studying the Bible, it’s going great, but you want to take it to the next level? When you want to dig in deeper?

There are always ways that you can improve your Bible study, because different seasons of life, and different circumstances will change what your Bible study looks like. But today I wanted to share some ideas, if you’re looking to dig deeper into scripture and improve your Bible study.

Pray first

This idea is super simple but will make such a difference to your Bible study. When you come to open your Bible, take the time first to wait, to be quiet and to pray. Pray over your Bible study, that God will reveal something new to you, that God will help you to understand what is written, and that will speak to you through his word. It doesn’t need to be a complicated prayer – keep it simple!

(I have a whole video about how to include prayer in your Bible study, which you can watch here!)

Use commentaries

Commentaries are wonderful resources to help us explore what different theologians have to say about the passages we’re reading. Whilst we can’t take what they’ve written as gospel, as they are not the word of God, they can highlight some really important points, uncover context we didn’t know about, and share viewpoints that we may not have considered before.

Some of my favourite commentaries are the Bible for everyone series by Tom Wright, the Bible speaks today series by John Stott, and the NIV Application Commentaries.

Study with other people

Bible study doesn’t need to be a solo sport! Why not get together with some friends (in person, or virtually), study a passage of the Bible and then discuss it? This can be a wonderful way to see other people’s perspectives on a passage and pool your thoughts together. This can also be a great way to hold each other accountable to keep on reading, almost like a book club.

Learn about the Bible

As well as learning what the Bible says, we also want to learn more about the Bible itself, as this can really shape our understanding of what we are reading. It can be incredibly helpful to understand how the Bible was written, how the different books were collated, why they’re in this order, how the Bible was translated. This can help us to see the bigger picture and understand the context of what we’re reading.

A really great resource for this, is the Verity podcast by Phylicia Masonheimer. She made a whole series exploring these questions! There are also some great books such as the Bible Book.

What other tips do you have to help improve your Bible study?

Check out this video for even more ideas:

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