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Yes of course we are talking about Christian community again! So far, we have explored why Christian community is so important, and what it should look like, and today we are going to be rounding off this mini-series by looking at how to find Christian community.

You can also watch our video all about Christian community here:

Whether you are looking for community as a brand new Christian, having just moved to a new area, or just because you’re looking to deepen your faith, it is so important to find Christian community where you are that you can really invest into.

So, how do we find Christian community?

Attend your local church

This is my biggest tip for finding Christian community. Ideally, your local church should be full (or at least have a good handful) of like-minded Christians who love God and live in your local area. Sadly, the culture behind what church you choose to attend has changed in recent years, but I still think this is the best place to start and what we should be aiming for with Christian community.

Local church is a fantastic way to find other Christians, of all ages and backgrounds, as well as to serve your local community. God has placed you where you are for a reason, so why not bring your gifts and skills to serve that place?

If you’re in England, A Church Near You is a great resource to find your local church – so definitely check that out here if you are looking for your local church.

Once you are a part of that local church, a real sense of true community won’t just come through turning up each Sunday, attending a service, and leaving again. You have to invest – time, energy, your gifts and skills – into this community. Get to know the other people in your church, invite them round for meals, attend social evenings, attend prayer meetings, help out during service projects, get involved by volunteering in different roles, join teams. It is through this investment, that you will build community.

Talk about your faith

One way that we find Christian community in the most unexpected places is through simply talking about our faith. This applies for pretty much any kind of community – the more you talk about the things that you love, the more likely you are to find other people who love the same things as you. If you are bold about talking about your faith, whether at work, with neighbours, at other groups, or when meeting new people, you may just find some fellow Christians amongst them!

I’ve experienced this a few times at work when we’ve been discussing what we got up to over the weekend, I’ve mentioned some kind of church-related event, and the other person has been like “oh, you go to church? Me too!”. This is a great way to find other Christians where you may have previously assumed no one would be a Christian. It can lead to some great conversations and an opportunity for a different kind of Christian community to what you experience at church.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck when it comes to your faith during this time of pandemics and lockdowns, check out this video!

Be the kind of community that you want to find

Part of the reason that we explore what good Christian community looks like, is so that we can build our community based upon Biblical principles. A great way to find Christian community, is to be the kind of community that other people want to be part of – so that you attract other like-minded Christians.

Once you have met other Christians, whether at church or in other places, how will you build the kind of community that you want to be a part of? A great first step is to live out the biblical principles that we see in the Bible. How are you encouraging one another, calling each other out, correcting each other, passing on your faith, serving one another, using your gifts and encouraging others in their gifts? If you lead by example in these elements of your community, this will help to shape the way in which your community develops and grows.

How did you find Christian community? Share your stories and tips in the comments below!

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