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If you haven’t heard of Thy Kingdom Come yet, where have you been? This is a global prayer initiative calling Christians across the world to pray for God’s kingdom to come here on earth, between Ascension Day and Pentecost. If you’d like to know more about what happened at Ascension, check out my new animation here.

One big part of Thy Kingdom Come is #PrayForFive – the opportunity for us all to choose five people we know, and spend this time praying that they will come to know God. This is a really powerful prayer to be praying – to change someone’s life, for eternity. If you’re not sure what to pray for these people, I have a blog post all about what to pray for non-Christians so do check that out.

But of course, I do want to make this as creative as possible! In previous years I have suggested 5 ways to pray for five, and then 15 ways to pray for five. This year, we’re upping the game and have 50, yes a whopping F-I-F-T-Y different ways to pray for five people during Thy Kingdom Come 2020.

You can watch all of these ideas demonstrated over on my YouTube channel:

  1. Stick up post-it notes around your house with people’s names, to remind you to pray for them. You could put these absolutely anywhere – from the fridge, to the bathroom mirror.
  2. Find some thread or string and tie 5 knots representing the five people. You could turn this into a bracelet if you wanted to.
  3. Set reminders on your phone to pray for each person throughout the day.
  4. Make 5 pipe-cleaner people to represent the five people you are praying for.
  5. Decorate 5 stones to represent each person and pop them in different places around your house where they will remind you to pray.
  6. When eating sweets, assign a colour to each of the 5 people and pray for them every time you eat a sweet of that colour. You could also use the different coloured wrappers if they are wrapped sweets. Prayerful and yummy!
  7. Add photos of each person to your prayer board. I have a video showing you how to make a prayer board here so definitely check that out.
  8. Use the Inner Room App and add each person to your board. Find out more about the Inner Room App, by 24/7 Prayer, here.
  9. Find a map and mark on where your five people live using pins. Use this map to pray for these people within their community and for the people around them, and churches close to them to be a good influence over them.
  10. Make a post box and post all of your prayers into it throughout Thy Kingdom Come. I find a toilet roll tube makes a great post box!
  11. Play hook-a-duck! You could assign a colour for each person or write names on the bottom of your ducks, then pray for the person once you have hooked the duck.
  12. Learn how to spell each person’s name using sign language and spell out their name as you are praying for them. Learn the British Sign Language alphabet here.
  13. Give each person a number, roll a dice and pray for the person you land on.
  14. Create giant letters for each person and write on your prayers for them. If you have some cardboard boxes, these work really well for making your letters.
  15. Write all of your prayers for each person in a prayer journal. I have a video all about starting a prayer journal coming soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to see that!
  16. Create a glow stick chain – pray for each person as you crack the glow stick, then create a chain and hang it up to remind you to pray.
  17. Pray it with flowers – create a flower arrangement that reminds you of each person. I have a blog post about this idea here!
  18. Pray, and ask God for a specific Bible verse to pray over each person.
  19. Make a prayer jar and add each of your 5 people. Read my blog post all about making a prayer jar here.
  20. Light a candle to represent each of your five people and focus on these candles as you pray.
  21. Use the DOOR acronym to pray for opportunities to share your faith with these five people – D is for God to open Doors for the good news. O is for God to help us make the most of the Opportunities we have. O is for God to give us wisdom in how we treat Outsiders. R is for God to help us be ready to respond when people ask us about our faith.
  22. Create a playlist full of songs that remind you of your five people and then pray as you listen.
  23. Go on a prayer walk and pray for the five people as you pass places that remind you of them, or as you pass their house if you live nearby.
  24. Use a fortune teller game to choose which person to pray for. Here are the instructions I used to make a fortune teller game – just swap the ‘fortunes’ for people’s names!
  25. Find photos that remind you of each person and set them as a rolling screensaver on your computer. These could be photos of the people themselves or more subtle reminders of them!
  26. Write an acrostic using the letters of each person’s name to lead your prayers.
  27. Write your prayers for each person on a slip of paper, then turn these slips into a paper chain.
  28. Ask God for specific words that you should pray over your five people. I spoke about this in my blog post all about how to pray more specifically.
  29. Find 5 threads and plait them all together, you could use this to make a key ring or a bracelet. Plaiting with 5 threads is very similar to normal plaiting, just move the outside thread into the centre of the other 4 threads, rather than the other 2.
  30. Make a collage full of colours and pictures that remind you of your five people and put this somewhere in your house to remind you to pray for them.
  31. Read the Psalms, then have a go at writing your own psalm about your prayers for your five people.
  32. Find a maze and trace your route, use this to pray about the journeys each person has taken and the journey you would like them to take in the future.
  33. Draw each person and label your prayers on their picture. This can be a stick person if your drawing skills are as good as mine.
  34. Memorise a pre-written prayer. You could use prayers from the Church of England website, 24/7 prayer, find some prayer accounts on Instagram (come follow me whilst you’re over there), or find a book of prayers.
  35. Use the teaspoon prayers – T for thank you, S for sorry for when you have not shared your faith, and P for please.
  36. Assign each person to one of your fingers then focus on that finger as you pray.
  37. Choose the cuddly toy that most reminds you of each person then pray for that person as you hold the toy.
  38. Reach out and offer to pray for each of the five people. Ask them what specific things they would like you to be praying about.
  39. Get someone to make a word search including all five names. Then as you find each name pray for that person.
  40. Make a shape or a letter using string and pins. As you create each new line using the thread pray something for one of your five people. Each colour of thread could represent a different person.
  41. Look at the clouds – can you spot shapes that remind you of each person?
  42. Invite them to church – whether it’s an online service, or for when we return.
  43. A prayer time capsule – put all of your prayers for your five people into a box and open it again this time next year to see how God has answered your prayers.
  44. Write your prayers on paper airplanes then throw them to someone else to pray over.
  45. A scavenger hunt! Assign an object to each person, such as feathers and pinecones, then each time you find that object pray for the person.
  46. Decorate a gingerbread man to represent each of your people as you pray for them.
  47. Write your prayers on triangles and turn them into bunting to decorate your house.
  48. The photo challenge – challenge yourself to take five photos that represent something about your five people. You could get really creative with this one.
  49. Find 5 flowers that remind you of your five people and place them around your house to remind you to pray.
  50. Set out some shapes on the floor to represent different people – if your ball, or penguin, lands in the shape pray for that person.

Which of these 50 ideas would be your favourite way to pray for five? Which ones will you be trying out during Thy Kingdom Come? Let me know in the comments!

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