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This week, we have a very special guest post – from my good friend Rufus the goat!

Hi. I’m Rufus – you may have heard of me before; Arnold is a great friend of mine. When we were chatting yesterday he asked me what I’d been up to during lockdown, so I told him all about how I spend everyday basking in the glorious sun we’re having and doing very little else. Unfortunately for you, Arnold said that this wasn’t very helpful so instead he asked me if I could get Mollie-Ann to share what she’d been up to with you, so now I will put my hooves to good use and type for you what she said!

Each day in lockdown is different for everybody. Some are getting up and going to work as usual to help keep the country going, some are enjoying the extra time they have with their families, some are getting used to working from home, some are risking their safety by staying at home with abusive family members, some are able to spend all day in their garden, some are completely alone. It’s safe to say though that the current situation has changed daily life for everybody in some way, and I’ve heard some people think they’re wasting their days or that they should be doing something differently. So, I thought I’d share a little bit about what I get up to on an average day in lockdown…

Starting the day positively is really important for me as I am not a morning person. I could easily get up and start my day at 4am… but getting me up at 7am is a struggle! A good start for me consists of two things: fresh air and my Bible. This is something I’ve started to work on during this time in lockdown and I can really start to see the benefits. On an ordinary morning, I’d wake up to my alarm, get up straight away (usually because I’ve snoozed my alarm too many times and I’ll be late if I do It once more!) jump in the shower, get dressed and ready then run out of the door. While I am working from home, I don’t have that drive to the office that I like to use to sing along to my Jesus Jams playlist and I really missed that time in the morning! This is why I decided to start my mornings by opening my windows a little to let the air into my room and reading one of the Psalms. This is only a short time, but I’ve found it focuses me and prepares me for my workday.

Fortunately, my job is easily transferable to homeworking, and in normal circumstances I often do work from home a couple of days a week where it makes sense to. The charity that I work as a fundraiser for is considered an essential service, as we provide support for a vulnerable group of people in the community, which has meant that we’ve been really busy and despite all of the challenges we face, it is really important for us all to keep going! I am really grateful that I’m able to continue working at the moment as it fills a large part of the day and keeps my mind busy. So, from 9am – 3:30pm you’ll find my tapping away at my keyboard preparing funding applications, writing letters to funders, and gathering statistics to list just a few of my daily tasks! One of the challenges I’ve found is sticking to my normal working schedule, it is often tempting to just keep going as I don’t have anything better to be doing with the evenings but I am trying to be strict with myself so as to keep some normality!

Once I’ve finished working for the day, I make sure to close down all my work related tabs, documents and emails and step away from my desk for at least 10 minutes as this way when I come back upstairs and sit back down again I feel like I’m not just sitting back down to work again and my ‘office’ turns back into my bedroom for the afternoon/evening. One thing that I am trying to do during this time is pick up one of my instruments and just play, as I have to say I am often guilty of letting them sit in the corner and gather dust! It’s been really enjoyable to pick them up again and learn new things.

I live in the middle of a town with not many places to walk without seeing lots of other people which has meant I don’t go outside until around 7:30pm. My little flat doesn’t have a garden and being an outdoors person, I’m struggling without one! So, in the evenings I walk down to the waterfront and appreciate the trees, the sea, the birds.. everything. I’ve always loved nature, and I’m actually pleased that one of the good things to come out of this difficult time is people discovering just how beautiful and wonderful our world is. I just hope that the respect and awe of our countryside and nature will continue. It will always be my happy place.

One thing that has stayed the same is how I spend my evenings. For the past few months, I’ve been trying to read at least one chapter of a book in the Bible each night. At the moment I’m reading in Luke, chapter by chapter. I decided to do this at the start of the year as I’ve found it really difficult to read my Bible in the past almost finding myself overwhelmed, not knowing where to start or worrying I’m not doing it ‘right’. My evenings also look a little different too though, I’ve noticed that my sleep is getting worse, I struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep – often leaving me with very few hours of my night where I’m not awake. But I think that is ok at the moment as everything is different, stressful and scary (and If you ask anyone close to me, they’ll tell you just how badly I normally deal with new and different!) so naturally I’m even more restless than usual.

My days aren’t the most exciting, and they definitely aren’t all like this. I spend a lot of time watching Netflix, curled up in bed not being productive with my evenings and afternoons. Sometimes I skip reading my bible, sometimes I have to make myself eat a bowl of vegetables as I remember I can’t just eat ice cream all day, and sometimes I don’t get all of my work done in the day because I just can’t concentrate. I think this is ok. And I’m sure however you spend your day is absolutely ok too!

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  1. Thank you hoofing down Mollie Ann’s doings. Great to hear how she is xxx

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