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Over the past few years, I have been regularly sharing creative prayer ideas for each season, as well as for specific times such as light events, and Easter – you can find all of these ideas here! I think creative prayer is so important for helping us to engage with God in ways which most suit our learning styles.

However, whilst we are all in self-isolation, we are somewhat limited in the resources that we can draw on. We need to find creative prayer ideas that use only the things that we can find within our houses. So, I have put together some of my favourite creative prayer ideas for self-isolation!

6 creative prayer ideas for self-isolation:

Toast Prayers

As long as you’re able to get bread on your shopping outings, this one is a fun one that can help us to pray, and provide a tasty snack too! Toast your bread until it’s quite well done (it needs to be at least brown to be counted as toast…). Then use a knife to carefully scrape off the top layers of the toast until you can see a mark left – use this technique to draw something that you are thankful to God for. If you are struggling with this, you could use chocolate spread, jam or peanut butter to add the design. As you eat the toast, thank God for the things that you have drawn.

Washing away our sins

We all know that during this time of lockdown, washing our hands has been really important for keeping us safe and healthy. But washing our hands is also a great illustration of God’s forgiveness washing our sins away. Stop and look at your hands, look for any dirty marks or blemishes. Reflect upon the things that blemish your relationship with God: things that you have done that have hurt God. As you wash your hands, ask God to forgive you for the things that you have done, and to wash them away.

Lucky Dip Prayers

This is a fun way to pray for lots of different topics throughout the lockdown. Find a container, like a celebrations box or something similar and fill it with shredded newspaper or some other kind of lucky dip filling – whatever you can find! Write the things that you want to be praying for: people, situations, relationships, specific places or countries, on to small pieces of paper and add these into your lucky dip. Place the lucky dip somewhere around your house where you will pass it regularly. Each time you pass it, pull out something to pray about – and pray!

Junk Modelling

One thing that we all tend to have in our houses, is rubbish and recycling. Why not pull out some of the things you can find in your recycling, and use them to build as part of your prayers? Think about certain people, certain situations, certain places, and reflect upon the things that they need during this difficult time. As you pray and ask God to provide those things – can you build them too?

Prayer Postcards

During a time when we are so separated from our friends and families, staying connected is so important. One way that we could do this is to write postcards to each other! For this, find some card and cut it into A5 size. On one side, decorate the postcard – as you are doing this, think about the person you are planning to send this to and what you would like to pray for about them. You could even ask God to reveal what he wants you to pray about for that person. On the other side, draw in the space for the stamp and address, then write on your prayer. You could do this in one of two ways: either write out the prayer to God, ‘Dear God, thank you for Grandma…’ or write to the person, letting them know what you are praying for for them. It’s up to you whether you send this or keep it to remind you to continue praying for that person.

Finger Prayers

Even if you have very little in the way of resources at home, most of us have fingers that we can also use to pray. This is a super simple prayer idea where you go through each of your fingers, focusing on something different to pray about. For this specific time of isolation, you could use:

  • Thumb: All the people serving us – key workers, NHS staff, teachers, shop-workers and more
  • Fore-finger: The people who are leading us – politicians, church leaders
  • Middle finger: Churches & how they are able to respond to the crisis
  • Ring finger: Our relationships with other people, that we will be able to stay connected
  • Little finger: The most vulnerable – the elderly and those with existing illnesses, those in hospitals and care homes.

Can you think of any more creative prayer ideas for self-isolation that you could try at home?

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