Arnold in an Easter Garden

This Easter certainly isn’t looking like any Easter I’ve experienced before. Growing up we would always go on holiday over the Easter weekend, taking part in an orienteering event in different locations across the United Kingdom. In more recent years, I have celebrated with Sunrise Services, church breakfasts, many Easter services, Sunday lunch at the in-laws, plenty of delicious puddings, and an Easter Egg Hunt!

This year, Easter won’t be looking like any of those things. In a time of self-isolation, social distancing, and lockdowns I don’t even have an Easter Egg yet (I haven’t eaten a single crème egg so far what’s wrong with me?). But this is still a season, an event, a day worth celebrating. Jesus still died for our sins, he still rose again, he still defeated sin and death. I have a whole blog post about the hope that Easter gives us that you can read here. None of this changes just because our lives look different at the moment.

So, how can we celebrate the joy and wonder of Jesus’ resurrection in this situation? How can we celebrate Easter whilst self-isolating?

Watch the Sunrise

Sunrise Services are such a big part of so many churches’ Easter celebrations. It reflects the joy and hope that a new day brings, that new life brings. Why not wake up early and see this joyful day in by experiencing the glory of God’s creation?

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I LOVE an Easter Egg Hunt! I love the fun of the search, especially when they’re well hidden; and I love eating the chocolate at the end. Whilst I could hide the Easter eggs around my own house to hunt for them, this just doesn’t sound quite as fun… by why not pair up with a friend, family member or another family you know; hide eggs around your house; then video call them and get them to direct you around your house in search of the eggs you have hidden?

Make an Easter Garden…

Have you ever made an Easter Garden, depicting the Easter story? Why not challenge yourself to use the items you have in your house to recreate the Easter story? You could use lego, play dough or use the contents of your recycling bin!

…and use it to pray through the Easter Story

Once you have created your Easter Garden, why not use it to guide you through the Easter story – focusing upon the different elements of the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus’ trial, his crucifixion, and his resurrection; and use these parts of the story to trigger your prayers. I will be putting together a blog post this week full of creative prayer ideas to guide you through the Easter Story so keep your eyes open for that!

Virtual Family Easter Lunch

Sharing Easter lunch with family, or even just spending Easter day with family, has always been a big part of my Easter celebrations. With my husband’s family, the Easter lunch is fairly similar to Christmas – we have starters, we play games, there’s just an Easter Egg Hunt rather than presents! So, why not have lunch together virtually? Set up Zoom, or another video call platform, and eat together!

Make Sock Bunnies

I love this craft so much and it’s a perfect way to get creative this Easter! You just need some old socks, some rice, some string or elastic bands, and some decorations. Here is a great tutorial for how to make them!

Attend an Easter Service

Loads of churches have done incredibly well at taking their Sunday services online, whether through YouTube, or Facebook Live. So, I’m sure you can find a local church near you who are creating an Easter Service – our church are even running a Sunrise Service which I am very excited about. Why not join in?!

Watch my Easter Videos

To help us explore the story of Holy Week and Easter, I am putting together some stop-motion videos re-telling the different parts of the story – Palm Sunday is already available on my YouTube channel, with more videos coming very soon!

Sing your favourite Easter Hymns

Do you have a favourite Easter hymn? You know, those classics that just HAVE to be sung at Easter at least a million times? For me, it’s In Christ Alone, Happy Day, and Thine be the glory. Why not have a sing a long at home?

How are you going to be celebrating Easter this year?

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