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Over the past few months, I have been writing a series of blog posts sharing prayers for particular situations and issues in the world. So far, I have written Prayers for Mental Health, and Prayers for the Persecuted Church. Now, I think it is really important to share prayers for the Coronavirus pandemic, as this virus continues to sweep across the world and have such a large impact upon the daily lives, health, and livelihoods of so many people.

So, here are 7 prayers for the Coronavirus pandemic:

Prayer for the health services

Dear God, thank you for all of the doctors, nurses and paramedics working on the frontlines to help and heal those who have contracted COVID-19. We ask that you keep them safe, and give them the courage, patience and wisdom needed to save even more lives. We pray especially for the former health care workers who are returning to the frontlines to ensure the health services are able to continue in this time of high demand. We ask that you bring peace were there are anxieties, and help them to adapt to the new things they may have to learn in order to return to work. Amen.

Prayer for business

Dear God, we pray for all people who have been affected economically by the Coronavirus pandemic: for businesses that have been forced to close, people who have lost their jobs, self-employed workers who are unable to find work at the moment. We ask that you will provide for each of those people – bring them people and support systems who can help them, help them to find new and innovative sources of income, and calm any stress and anxiety they are facing. Enable the government’s support systems to work effectively and bring support to those who need it most. Amen.

Prayer for the stranded

Dear God, we ask for your protection over, and presence with, those who are stranded away from their homes, those who are stuck and currently unable to get home to their loved ones. Help them to find safe places to stay, protect them from illness, provide for them, and help them to return to their homes safely. Amen.

Prayer for protection

Dear God, we ask that you protect all those who are at high risk of being affected by coronavirus – those who are elderly, those living with a chronic illness, those who have recently had a transplant, and those who’s immune systems are compromised. We ask that you bring them comfort as they shield themselves from other people, and ensure that they are protected both from the virus, and from the emotional impact of isolation. Amen.

Prayer for community

Dear God, thank you for the people that we have around us. Help us to join together as a community in this time of team, providing connection and friendship for all those who feel isolated. Show us how we can show your love to those around us, and help us to reach more people who are in need at this time. Provide new opportunities for us to develop community and help us to embrace and learn about new tools that will help us to be community without seeing each other face to face. Amen.

Prayer for healing

Dear God, thank you for the medicine and medical professionals that we have available to help us stay healthy and heal our illnesses. We ask that you bring healing to everyone who is currently ill due to the coronavirus, that they will be restored to full health as quickly as possible. Help the whole world to heal from the divisions caused, the anxiety experienced, and the disruption caused by this pandemic. Help us to learn from this experience, and to support each other as we return to normal life over time. Amen.

Prayer for the church’s response

Dear God, as your body of people across the world, help the Church to shine your love on everyone around us. Give us the wisdom, the gifts and the skills needed to navigate this new and unusual time in our lives. Help us to find new ways to connect with each other, and to share the good news of God with even more people across the world. Show us how best to respond to the needs of the world. Amen.

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