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For those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to do our work from home during the current pandemic, this can be quite a jump from our normal day-to-day routines. We no longer have a commute, we’re in our own space, can use our own kitchen and bathroom, but we’ve lost the company of our colleagues (and perhaps have been joined by new colleagues in the form of housemates, your spouse, children or furry friends!).

Working from home definitely has its pros and cons – I worked from home for 18 months, before spending the last year working in an office, so this isn’t completely new to me (which I am very grateful for as it has made the whole transition much easier). I think the pandemic, and current lockdown, do add an extra complexity to pretty much everything we do including our daily work life, and I think we need to be even more intentional than normal in making the most of working from home. During this time, we need connection more than ever, we need prayer more than ever, and we need to show God’s love to those around us more than ever.

So, here are a few ways for us to make the most of working from home during this time.

Use your commute time

One of the lovely things about working from home, is not having to commute. We suddenly have this extra free time at the beginning and end of our day that we wouldn’t normally have. But rather than sleeping longer, why not use this time more intentionally? That morning commute time is the perfect opportunity to develop a daily habit of reading your Bible and prayer – starting your day in God’s presence. Then, after work, it’s always good to get a change of scenery or get moving if you’ve been sat down all day, so why not take this opportunity to do some housework, or find those odd jobs around the house that you’ve been putting off?

Join in with what your church is doing mid-week

Normally, because I work a 9-5 job in an office, I never have the opportunity to join in with anything that my church does during the week. But now, although those activities may look a little different, we have the opportunity to get involved. Is your church doing Morning Prayer, perhaps via Zoom or another video call? Are there opportunities to volunteer to support others in your area?

You can listen to Jesus jams all day long

Depending on your normal work environment, you may or may not be able to get away with blasting Rend Collective or CityAlight all day long in the office – but now, there’s no one to stop you! I have a whole playlist (which you can find here) full of songs to lift you, calm you down, and to focus you upon God during this situation, and Rend Collective have also just released a new album – perfect timing!

Find ways to bless those in your household

Whether you are living with children, with your parents, with housemates, or with your spouse; how could you bless them during this challenging time? Could you make them lunch during your lunch break? Could you help them out with their work from time to time (I am currently acting as the real-life spell check for other people in this house…)? Could you do odd-jobs around the house to make their life easier?

Gift your commute

Whilst we talked earlier about using your commute time more intentionally, no longer having to commute can also save us a considerable about of money, whether in petrol & parking, or in public transport costs. If you are in a fortunate position where you can afford to continue spending that money – why not consider donating the money you would have spent on commuting to those who are losing out financially at the moment, such as your church, local foodbanks, or those who are self-employed that you would usually be using the services of (such as hairdressers, dog walkers etc.).

Eat lunch with your family or housemates

Working from home gives us the opportunity to spend more time with those that we live with – but we still need to be intentional in doing this – not getting wound up by one another, whilst spending quality time together. A great way to do this is by setting aside the time each lunch time to eat together as a family, or household. I recently introduced you to the 10 Holy Habits demonstrated by the early Church in Acts 2 – you can read the whole blog post here. One of the Holy Habits is eating together, and whilst we would love to be able to extend this to our wider community, it is also important to spend time eating together with those closest to us.

How else are you making the most of working from home at the moment? Let us also remember in our prayers all those who cannot work from home, and continue to go out to work in critical roles to keep us healthy, keep us safe, and keep the country working.

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