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As someone who works for a music charity, I spend a lot of my time talking, and writing, about the importance of music. Music can have a profound impact upon our physical and mental wellbeing, reducing our perception of pain, relieving stress and anxiety, and improving our quality of sleep.

In the current world we are living in, where we separated from so many of our normal activities, I think music is more important than ever. In fact, I think that there are three key roles that music can play in our lives right now: Lifting us up, calming us down, and focusing us upon God.

So, let’s put together a playlist of music that does just that! To get us started, here is a playlist I have put together that is made up of songs that fulfill the three roles above. Obviously, there is some crossover between categories but I have split the songs into these three roles to make sure we have a good mix of songs.

But this is just the beginning. I want this playlist to grow – so let me know your song suggestions in the comments (and whether they lift you up, calm you down, or focus you upon God) and I will add them to the playlist!

You can find the full playlist on Spotify here!

Songs to lift you up

Songs to calm you down

Songs to focus you upon God

What other songs should we add to this playlist for the Coronavirus pandemic?

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  1. To focus on God,
    You don’t miss a thing. Bethel
    Who can compare to you? Bethel

    To lift you up
    You Say, Lauren Daigle

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