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As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the world, and many countries are introducing strict measures to tackle the virus, this is something that definitely needs our prayers. Whilst the situation may be changing every day, we know that God is never changing. He remains as strong and loving as ever, and he hears our prayers. So, here are 7 groups of people that we should remember to pray for during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Bereaved

Whilst much of our focus is currently upon limiting the spread of this disease, we should also remember that there are many, many families across the world who are mourning the death of a loved one. Pray that God will bring them comfort, peace and healing in their sorrows.

World Leaders

Different world leaders have responded to the Coronavirus in different ways, but they all need our prayers. Pray for them to have wisdom as they seek the most effective ways to tackle the virus, pray that God will give them compassion, strength and that they will be obedient to his guidance.

Those with severe underlying illnesses

We have seen that this virus is particularly dangerous for those already living with severe illnesses, such as chronic heart disease, and chronic lung disease. Let’s pray that God will protect these people, bring them the assistance and any medical support that they need, and bring them healing.

The Lonely

Loneliness has been a big problem in the community long before Coronavirus came around. However, the call to self-isolate, and the lock down in many countries, will only be adding to this problem as people are even more limited in the activities they can attend and the visitors they can see. Let’s pray that God will provide other means for these people to maintain contact with their friends and families, and that he will equip churches and charities to support the lonely.

Healthcare staff

From critical care teams, to paramedics, to care home staff; healthcare staff around the world are under huge amounts of pressure and are working incredibly hard to protect those that they care for. Pray that they will be protected both physically and mentally from the strains of this work, and give them wisdom, patience and understanding in the work that they do.

Those who have lost work

For many people who work in entertainment, and in public venues, the restrictions on such activities will have a great impact upon their ability to earn money throughout this time of crisis. Pray that God will provide for them, and that he will bring them peace to calm their anxiety.

Those who have recovered

Whilst many people are still suffering, or are still at risk of contracting this virus, there are also many people who have had Coronavirus, and who have since recovered from the illness. Let’s remember to thank God for these people and the healing that they have received, as well as praying that they have developed effective immunity from this virus to protect them in the future.

Who else should we be remembering to pray for during the Coronavirus pandemic? Let me know in the comments as we encourage each other in prayer at this time of crisis.

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