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There are a number of topics that I feel need to be included in our prayers on a regular basis. Things that we need to continue bringing before God, things that we need to be persistent about in our prayers, things that we may never see completely resolved during our time on this broken planet, yet continue to work and pray for miracles.

Previously, I’ve written a post full of prayers for mental health; and I’d love to hear what other topics you’d like to see a “Prayers for…” blog post about. Let me know in the comments!

But today, I want to focus upon our prayers for the persecuted Church. Whilst being a Christian anywhere can bring difficulties, there Christians around the world who are facing persecution, imprisonment, rejection, and even execution because of their faith. You can find out loads more about the persecution that Christians are facing, and how we can help through the charity, Open Doors who do loads of work to support, advocate for, and encourage prayers for the persecuted Church.

So, here are 6 prayers for the persecuted Church:

Prayer for protection

Dear God, be with all those Christians who are forced to hide their faith for their own safety. Protect them, and keep them safe from those who seek to harm them. Give them wisdom and courage as they work to protect themselves, their families, and other Christians within their community. Protect each of them from violence, from arrest, and from all other kinds of persecution that they face. Amen.

Prayer for church leaders

Dear God, thank you for those who are leading churches in secret across the world. Give them the wisdom, patience and guidance needed to remain hidden from authorities, ensuring that they can continue in their ministry. We ask that they receive the training, support and Biblical knowledge needed to lead their churches closer to you. Give them passion, and courage, as they lead their churches through such dangerous circumstances. Help their churches to thrive. Amen.

Prayer for those who persecute

Dear God, we pray for those who persecute Christians, because of their faith. We pray that you will work in their hearts, from foot soldiers to country leaders. Reveal to them the truth about your love, your majesty, and all that you have done for mankind so that they will come to know you and will turn away from their past acts of persecution. Bring them to a place where they are able to feel compassion, and repent for their sinful actions, releasing Christians from persecution. Amen.

Prayer for charities

Dear God, thank you for the charities and organisations who are working to serve the persecuted Church around the world. Bless their work, protect all those who put themselves in dangerous situations in order to share the good news of Jesus, and to support secret churches and Christians around the world. Help their work to continue in safety, and give them wisdom and guidance in the best ways to serve Christians in each country. Amen.

Prayer for the imprisoned

Dear God, we pray for each person who has been imprisoned for their faith. Protect them, keep them safe, and keep them healthy and strong throughout their imprisonment. Bring them strength, courage and hope for the future; help them to maintain their faith and continue to worship and serve you, sharing your love with those around them. Amen.

Prayer for growth

Dear God, above all we pray for the growth of your kingdom in every country around the world. Even in the midst of persecution and danger, give people the strength and courage to continue sharing your good news with those around them. Work in the hearts of non-believers and draw them to yourself, and to the existing secret church communities. Help churches to continue to grow, and to thrive both in numbers and in faith. Help them to trust in you and to continue to work to know you better. Amen.                      

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