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Happy New Year! This is my very first blog post of 2020 and I’m excited to be kicking off this new year, and the new decade. Looking back at the past few years, there have been so many resources that have helped to grow my faith in different ways. Moving into 2020 I want to share with you some of the resources, books, podcasts, blogs and Instagram accounts that I’ve been loving, as well as those that I want to use in 2020 too!

Christian resources I already love!

Faith Pictures – Church Army

Faith Pictures is a 6-week course to help you reflect upon your own faith journey and discover a new way of sharing your faith. We used this course as a church for our Lent course this year and it took me a while to get to grips with the ‘faith picture’ idea but once I properly understood it, I found it such an interesting reflection! The sessions involve videos and lots of group discussions which was a great way to get to know other people from my church too. You can find out more about Faith Pictures here.

Relatable – Allie Beth Stuckey

This is my favourite podcast! Allie talks about society and politics, all through a biblical perspective. She digs deep into God’s word and brings out truth and really insightful views about what’s going on in the world. Even if you don’t agree with all of her views, I’ve found it to be a really good way to learn about the wider context to the issues being debated. I’ve definitely learnt lots about how American politics works. Check it out here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

To Love, Honor & Vacuum

The blog and podcast, To Love, Honor & Vacuum is run by Sheila Gregoire and her daughter Rebecca Lindenbach. They share their thoughts on marriage, sex, faith and family and they have so many wonderful insights to share. The podcast is easy to listen to and the blogs are easy to read but share some really interesting and helpful points. Check out their blog and their podcast!

After Class Podcast

There are some great podcasts I’ve been enjoying recently, especially now that I am commuting to work each day! A new one I’ve found has been the After Class Podcast – involving three men with degrees in the Old Testament, New Testament and Theology who explore a variety of topics from a biblical perspective. It’s quite academic so you do have to really concentrate, but I have really enjoyed the way they dig into the Bible, exploring it fully from beginning to end and clearly demonstrate what the Bible has to say about different topics. You can find it here.


Lifecentre is a Christian charity that provides counselling and helplines for survivors of rape and sexual abuse in South England. They have revamped their Instagram account this year and it is looking so good! Head on over there and show them some love by following & liking some of their posts!

Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen is a Christian blogger I discovered quite recently. She has been through a number of miscarriages and is now a mother (praise God!) and she beautifully shares her experiences and how she continues to praise God throughout her grief and her worries. Both her blog and her Instagram are beautiful and inspiring!

Christian resources I want to explore in 2020

How to Pray – Pete Greig

I have wanted Pete Greig’s new book, How to Pray, ever since I heard about it and I finally got it as a Christmas present! I’m super excited to get reading and see what he has to say about prayer.

Bible In One Year – The Bible Project

This year, we are completing the Bible in One Year plan by The Bible Project, on the YouVersion Bible App. We are three days in as I’m writing this and it’s been really good so far. It goes through the Bible canonically (as if you were reading it from the front cover to the back) and includes the videos created by The Bible Project as they correspond to the readings. I find this super interesting to add something different to the reading plan.

The Prayer Course

More from Pete Greig!! I absolutely love The Prayer Course and I was so excited to hear that Pete was re-writing and filming it (with two brand new sessions!). I really cannot express how excited I am to be able to watch this new working of the course and find out what the new sessions are about – we are completing this course together this year as our Lent Course.

Krish Kandiah’s books

Some other books I’ve got this year include two by Krish Kandiah, founder of the adoption charity: Home for Good. One of these books is Home for Good, all about the work of the charity, and the other is his more recent book: God Is Stranger. I’m super excited to dig into both of these books as I haven’t read anything by Krish Kandiah before.

One more Christian resource you might like…

Arnold’s blog!

Whether you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, or are new around here, here are a few of my most read blog posts from 2019:

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Have you used any of these Christian resources? What other resources have you been loving?

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