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That time, after Christmas Day, but before the New Year begins can be a weird period of waiting, of limbo; or if you aren’t spending time with family, it can be incredibly lonely.

So, whether you’re looking to entertain your family or find something to do alone, I’ve put together a list of fun things that you could do between Christmas & New Year, to both set you up for the New Year and glorify God with this time.

Things to do between Christmas & New Year!

Write Thank You Cards

Whether you have always written Christmas Cards or haven’t since you were tiny, thank you cards are a wonderful way to remind ourselves of the love and generosity we have been shown, and to express our gratitude. Either buy some pre-made or make your own depending on how creative you are feeling, but just take some time to thank both those who sent you presents, and God for his provision and love.

Turn your Christmas Cards into Gift Tags

So apparently this isn’t something that everyone does, but I think it’s a genius idea! Collect up all the Christmas Cards you received this year, and cut along the fold to turn the front image into a gift tag. You can then use these gift tags for your presents the following Christmas. This is a great way to recycle your cards from last year without having to throw them away – and saves you money on gift tags for next year!

Make a 2019 Scrapbook

I love taking photos, and I love keeping them together in a scrapbook! Why not print off a bunch of your favourite pictures from the past year and put them together into a scrapbook of all your favourite memories? I love looking back at all my old scrapbooks!

Volunteer for a Charity or Service Project

If you can, why not volunteer some of this time between Christmas & New Year to spend time working with a charity or a service project? This is a great way to give to those in need this Christmas and could turn into a more regular act of service into the New Year. Depending on the charity you want to volunteer for, they may not have opportunities during this time, but this is a wonderful opportunity to research and work out what projects you want to be involved in, giving you something that you have committed to and can look forward to in the New Year.

Set Goals for 2020

For many people, setting goals for the New Year is a fantastic way to give you something to focus upon going into the New Year. As Christians, we want to ensure that these goals bring glory to God and lead us closer to him in 2020. Watch out for a blog post all about setting goals, coming very soon!

Prayer Time Capsule for 2020

This idea was in my blog post of Creative Prayer ideas for Christmas, but I really love it so I thought I’d share it again as it would be a really great thing to do between Christmas & New Year. Take time to think about your prayers for the New Year. These could be prayers about your goals, your relationships, your career, the people around you, the wider world, whatever you choose. Write them down and keep them in a container. Then, this time next year, open them up and see how God has been working in all of these areas.

Set Up a Journal

Do you keep a journal? Whether you have a bullet journal, a gratitude journal, or a prayer journal, now is the time to get everything set up for the New Year. If you’re in need of some ideas, I have blog posts about Bullet Journal Spreads for Christians, and different ways to use a prayer journal!

What will you be doing between Christmas & New Year?

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