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Christmas Eve can be a stressful day, with last minute shopping, cleaning ready for guests, cooking, wrapping presents. But it’s important that we take the time to prepare ourselves as well as everything around us, for the Christmas celebrations. So, I’ve compiled some Christmas Eve traditions to help you to prepare for Christmas, rather than getting stuck in the chaos.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Attend a Church Service

Loads of churches have fantastic services and events on Christmas Eve, whether it’s a crib service or a Christingle, or a Midnight Communion Service, or a Carol Service. This is a perfect way to refocus upon the true meaning of Christmas, getting you out of the house and helping you to connect with your church community. You can check out A Church Near You, to find churches close to where you live if you don’t already attend a church.

Donate to a foodbank

Whilst so many of us will enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner, with roasted meats, potatoes, vegetables and all the puddings, there are people across the country who will be relying on charities and foodbanks for their food. Why not take some time out from preparing your own food on Christmas Eve to drop some food off at your local foodbank? Many foodbanks will advertise the things they are most in need of so be sure to check! This idea would be especially good if you’ve been doing the Reverse Advent Calendar I suggested as a creative way to celebrate Advent!

Bake & Share

Christmas is a great time to get to know people around you and show hospitality to your neighbours. Why not bake some cookies or cakes and share them with your neighbours, friends and family? This is a great way to spend some quality time with your family, or with friends, and then get to know people that you may never have spoken to before – and everyone loves cookies!

Read the Christmas Story

This is such a simple way to remind yourself of the true meaning of Christmas – read about it! Read through Matthew 1 & 2, and Luke 1 & 2 and reflect upon what the Bible has to say about Jesus’ birth. You could also try praying through the Christmas Story, either individually or together as a family.

Creative Christmas Prayers

Creative Prayer is the perfect way to connect with God, and our families, this Christmas Eve. It allows us to take time to listen to God, to reflect on the things we want to pray about, and to get creative! I have a whole blog post full of Creative Prayer Ideas for Christmas which should help you to get started – then see what other creative prayer ideas you can come up with!

Pancakes for Breakfast!

Okay this one is more of a personal one, but our family has had this Christmas Eve tradition for about 3 years now – we love pancakes so this is a great way to mark the celebration of Christmas. It’s also a way for us to celebrate part of Christmas with just us, before we join our extended family for the rest of the Christmas and New Year events. Why not come up with your own, personal Christmas Eve traditions? Let me know yours in the comments!

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