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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I love planning, buying and wrapping everyone’s Christmas presents, finding things that I think someone will love. But there are always those people who are seemingly impossible to buy for – people you want to find something amazing for, but just struggle to come with any ideas for – it’s so frustrating!

So, to help you on your way, I’ve compiled a little list of Christmas presents that I think would be amazing for Christians. I’ve tried to include a real mixture of ages, types of present, prices (including some DIY ideas – you can find even more DIY Christmas Present Ideas in my blog here!).

Before we get started, I wanted to share something that you should all do before ordering any of your Christmas presents online: set up Easy Fundraising and Amazon Smile! These are two platforms that enable you to raise free donations for charity as you shop. Definitely pick a charity and get yourself signed up!

Anyway, here are some awesome Christmas presents for Christians

DIY Personalised Prayer

This one might be my favourite idea of them all. The concept is a framed, personal prayer that reflects the prayers that you are praying over your loved one. Start by writing your prayer – think about the key qualities and characteristics that you are praying for, for this person. Personally, I would think big picture, but specific. For example, if you have tried the exercise, I talked about in my blog about praying specifically where you ask God to show you what to pray over each person, you could include those things; but don’t focus too much on particular events or life stages. Next, write up and decorate your prayer. You could try calligraphy, water colour painting, designing something on the computer or simply sketching some doodles. When it’s dry, complete the look with a picture frame and you have a beautiful, personal Christmas present.

Infographic Bible

Now, I love maths and graphs and maps and spreadsheets and all that kind of fun stuff, so maybe this is just me, but I think the Infographic Bible looks awesome. It’s a journey through the Bible, with a new way of exploring the information.

A Cow

Now, as much as I would love to get a real cow for Christmas, apparently that “isn’t realistic” … But an awesome alternative is to give the gift of sending a cow (or a goat, or a chicken, or other useful animal or tools) to people in another country who can use this gift to support themselves. Send A Cow is a great charity for doing this, as are Oxfam. If you’re looking for something more explicitly Christian, Bible Society have an awesome range of Charity Gifts including training a pastor, providing counselling to orphans, or sending a Bible to someone in Prison.  

A Holding Cross

Such a simple gift, but I know so many people who deeply, deeply value their holding cross, the comfort it has brought to them, and how it has become a part of their regular prayer life. They come in a whole variety of sizes, and you don’t have to worry about whether they already have one because no one minds having lots!

Cheerfully Given

Cheerfully Given is an awesome website full of Christian creators selling an amazing range of goods! The whole website is full of incredible gift ideas, but some of my favourites include this Bible Colouring book, these prints, and this devotional journal.

DIY Prayer Board

Let’s get creative! This is such a simple idea, all you need is a solid backing (e.g. a thin sheet of wood), some soft wadding, a fat quarter of your material in whatever pattern you choose (Hobbycraft have some awesome patterns), some string or twine, and some small pegs. Simply glue your wadding onto the wood, wrap in material and attach at the back so that the material pulls tightly. Then hang your string or twine however you choose, with enough space to peg your prayer requests up.

What Christmas presents do you think would be great for Christians? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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