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On the 10th October, I marked World Mental Health Day by sharing a prayer over on my Instagram account (which you should definitely go follow). But I believe mental health is something that should be a part of our prayers throughout the year, not just on one day. There are so many people affected by mental health issues, and it’s something we all need protection from. So, I want to share a collection of prayers looking at different elements of mental health that I would encourage us all to be praying!

A prayer for your mental health

Dear God. Thank you that you have created us with the ability to think, and to feel so many different emotions – joy and sorrow, excitement and anger. We pray that you will protect our minds from ill health. Help us to find safe and healthy coping mechanisms when we experience difficult situations, guide us towards the people and resources that can support us, and help us to recognise when our mental health is beginning to suffer and make the necessary changes in our lives. Guard our minds from anxiety, depression, stress, SAD, personality disorders, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD and all other mental health problems. Amen.

A prayer for a friend that is struggling

Dear God. Thank you for insert name. I pray that you will travel alongside my friend as they contend with their mental health issues today and every day. As their life is affected by their mental health, bring them comfort, peace and guidance. Lead them towards the help that they need, and give them the strength to reach out and speak up when they are in need. I pray that you will be a place of rest and love amongst the chaos, and I pray you will bring total healing, casting out all mental health issues and leaving them free from the grips of their struggles. Amen.

A prayer for supporting someone

Dear God. Thank you that you have placed me in a position to support insert name. I pray that you will equip me with the gifts and skills that I need to be a good friend and effective supporter. Give me the patience, compassion and understanding that I need; let me speak the most helpful and truth-filled words. I also pray that you will protect my mind and my heart from the stress and anxiety that can creep in whilst supporting someone else. Help me to find my own support network to allow me to be the best supporter that I can be without damaging my own mental health. I pray that I can be your hands, your feet, your ears and your mouth on earth in this situation. Amen.

A prayer for mental health professionals

Dear God. Thank you for all those who work to support others struggling with mental ill-health. Thank you for psychiatrists, for nurses, for counsellors, for GPs. I pray that you will give each of them compassion, patience and sensitivity with each individual that they meet. Help them to find the most effective solutions for each person and guide the difficult decisions that they have to make. I pray that you will equip them, and call even more people into this area of work. Bless the research being conducted into mental health issues, that it will uncover useful information that helps professionals to provide more effective solutions, whether medication, counselling techniques or other models of support. Amen.

A prayer for the mental wellbeing of society

Dear God. Thank you that more and more people are able and willing to speak out about mental health issues, reducing the stigma people face when dealing with mental ill-health. I pray that you will protect our society from the increasing prevalence of mental illnesses, showing us how to counteract this trend, and tackle the underlying causes of such a trend in the most effective ways possible that will protect our young people and future generations. Guide politicians, and those healthcare professionals whose decisions shape the care and funding available for mental health centres and community health provision. I pray that these provisions will increase, becoming more and more available to everyone who needs it, all across the world. I also pray for the work of charities across the world; be with all their staff and volunteers, helping them to provide the support so greatly needed. Amen.

What else should we be praying for around the topic of mental wellbeing?

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  1. Hello, my name is Kenia, I am from Costa Rica. I been reading some of your blog and instagram page. I have found so much encouragement. And want to thank you for bringing a place where we can constantly remind how important is to pray and glorify God in whatever we do. Thanks,
    Kenia R

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