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Apparently, we spent over 50% of our waking hours at work. For most adults, work is a significant part of our days (and for children & young people this blog post can also apply to school hours) and even those not in formal work may have volunteering commitments, supporting roles or even informally caring for parents, children or other loved ones.

Whatever your work looks like, it is a big part of life, so imagine if we didn’t spend any time with God throughout these hours? How can we make the most of our work day to spend time in prayer? Obviously, this will look very different depending on your workplace. Whether you’re in an office, on a building site, travelling the world, visiting other workplaces; you can and should find spaces within your day to be able to focus on God and spend time with him in prayer.


One thing a lot of jobs have in common, is the need for emails; lots and lots of emails. So why not use this as a reminder for prayer? Before each email you send, take time to pray for the person you are emailing, and that the words you are sending will be understood and well received. This is also a good way to think before you send, and avoid sending angry or rude emails when you shouldn’t!

Bible Breaks

How do you spend your breaks at work? This is a chance to rest, and eat, and socialise, and possibly do some errands or make some phone calls; but it is also a wonderful opportunity to spend time with God. Why not take your Bible to work (or use the Bible app on your phone) and take some time during your break to read a passage and pray over it? This could also lead to some great conversations if people see your Bible with you.


If you have a commute, whether by car, train, bike or foot, this is a great chance to spend time with God at either end of your work day. You could spend time praying for the day (or shift) ahead, the meetings or events you know are coming up that day. Then, on the way home, you can thank God for all that has happened and pray for everyone you met or interacted with during that day. I find this to be a wonderful way to set me up for the day, and to round off the day and change over to “home mode”. I also have a whole blog post on ways to pray as you drive, which you can read here!


When we have successes at work, it can be very easy to give the credit to ourselves. To believe that it was our talent alone that allowed us to achieve. A great, and really important habit to get into is remembering to thank God for our successes and celebrating his goodness in enabling us to achieve this. Whether it’s a promotion, a really successful meeting or a completed project, we need to thank God for all that he does through us.

As I said before, the way you pray at work will really depend on what your job is, so let’s share ideas in the comments! Let us know what your job is and some ideas for how you could pray at work.

Dear God, thank you for work. Thank you that you give each of us a way to serve you and those around us, whether that is through employment or elsewhere. Help us to work for your glory and show us how we can connect with you during our working day. We also pray for all of those looking for work, that you will comfort them and guide them. Amen.

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