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Abortion has been a big topic in the news recently. More and more, the media seems to depict the pro-choice side as the “correct” side, the compassionate ones; whilst suggesting the pro-life movement is evil, barbaric, misogynistic and more.

It’s important to understand what the pro-life movement is actually about, and what it doesn’t mean.

Pro-life does not mean white male

Just to get us started, I would like to confirm that old white men are not the only people against abortion (I mean, I’m a penguin so). There are plenty of women, people from all over the world, people of all ages who do not believe in abortion. It’s a lot easier to believe that the only people who disagree with abortion are the powerful men who know nothing about having children or being in a situation to consider abortion; but this simply isn’t true.

Pro-life does not mean fearmongering

I’ve frequently seen it reported, or said on Twitter, that the pro-life movement is fearmongering by showing people what happens during an abortion or talking about the impact on both baby and mother. Personally, I don’t believe this can be called fearmongering as I believe everyone who considers abortion should be fully aware of what the procedure entails and what will happen to their unborn child. This isn’t pro-lifers making up medical procedures – you can read what happens during an abortion on the Planned Parenthood website, although they choose to use dehumanising language such as ‘pregnancy tissue’ rather than baby or child. Live Action have released some very informative videos about what happens during an abortion that I believe everyone should understand before they choose to support abortion.

Pro-life does not mean anti-woman

I love women. I believe that they should have exactly the same opportunities and rights as men. Being pro-life does not mean that I dislike women, or that I want them to be treated poorly in favour of their unborn children. I simply believe that the boys and girls growing inside of them deserve to be treated as human beings just as much as their mother and therefore deserve the right to live. Furthermore, I also believe that we can do much to support and love pregnant women by caring for them throughout their pregnancy and helping them to prepare for motherhood or the adoption process; than we can by sending them off for an abortion and then never seeing them again.

Pro-life does not mean non-compassionate to victims of rape

I believe that rape is an awful crime, of course I do. However, I don’t believe that a child created in horrific circumstances is any less valuable, or deserving of life, than a child born to two loving parents. They are still human beings and they still don’t deserve to be killed. Our value as a human being is not dependent upon how wanted we are by other humans. I believe that women who fall pregnant due to the atrocity of rape should be supported with SO much love and care. They need counselling, support, justice; but aborting their child is not going to undo what has happened.

Pro-life does not mean anti-choice

I am definitely not anti-choice. There are many choices you can make that do not involve killing an unborn child; I don’t want to take any of those choices away from you. I simply believe that the choice to murder a child simply because they haven’t been born yet; should not be a choice that anyone should be able to make. Abortion is not healthcare; abortion is the deliberate ending of a completely separate life form that happens to be growing within the mother.

What other claims have you heard about the pro-life movement?

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