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Whilst the rain may be deceptive, it really is now Summer. That means, it’s time for another set of creative prayers for you to try throughout this sunny season! These ideas could be used as a family throughout the holidays, as a Church or by yourself out in the sun.

Sand Sculptures

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

Next time you’re down at the beach, try building sculptures that represent your prayers, from the sand. You could build the things you’re sorry for; the people you want to come to know Jesus; the situations you want to lay at God’s feet. Build your sculptures, pray over them and as the tide comes in, watch as the water washes your sculptures away. In your mind, let this represent God taking these issues and prayers away from you.

Prayer Walk

A great way to pray for your community is to do a prayer walk. Whether you do this alone, or as a group, choose where you want to start and simply get walking. Let the people, places and things you see inspire your prayers and listen for God’s direction as you decide what routes to take. I’ve written a whole blog on how to do a prayer walk, which gives some simple pointers on what you could pray for.

Cloud Spotting

Maybe you don’t live by the sea, but one thing you can usually count on during summer, is clouds. Why not take some time this summer and do some cloud spotting? Look up at the sky and see what shapes you can see forming. Name the things you are seeing, whether it be a giraffe, a car or a flower and let these shapes guide you in your prayers. Pray for zoos and the conservation of animal species when you see a giraffe for example. Watch the shapes as they disappear or morph into new shapes.

A Praise Trail

During Thy Kingdom Come, in our parish we had prayer stations around the church reflecting the 11 themes of Thy Kingdom Come. One of the stations I was given to plan was ‘Praise’! I found this quite an interesting one because most prayer stations I’ve seen about praise, accidentally end up looking exactly the same as ‘thanks’, which totally makes sense but I wanted to make a distinction between the two. What I ended up with was this praise trail:

Create and laminate a series of mini signs, asking questions that prompt praise. Some examples I used include: “Of all the animals that God created, which do you think is the best?”, “What is the coolest thing that God has ever done?”, “What awesome things has God done for you this week?”.

Once laminated, attach a lolly stick or tongue depressor so that you can stick your signs into the ground. Lay out your trail – this could be around your garden, your garden, or even around your house using house plants! As you journey around the trail, reflect upon your answers to the questions and allow your answers lead into praising God!

Singing Prayers

This is currently my favourite way to pray – it’s so simple, so fun and can be used to pretty much any prayers! Firstly, check out the song: God beside by Fischy Music. The repeated phrase from this song is super great to use for prayers.

One example of how it’s used in the song is:

When I wake up in the morning, in my bed; God behind, God beside, God ahead.

But we can change this to pretty much anything that has happened, or is coming up over the next few days:

When I’m driving to work, in my car; God behind, God beside, God ahead.

When I am revising, for my exams; God behind, God beside, God ahead.

When I’m heading to the beach, to go for a swim; God behind, God beside, God ahead.

When I am applying, for lots of jobs; God behind, God beside, God ahead.

When I want to help my friends, and be kind; God behind, God beside, God ahead.

This is a super fun, creative way of praying and reminding ourselves that God is always with us, has always been with us and is ahead of us. What new verses could you write?

What creative prayer ideas will you try this Summer?

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