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This Sunday is Father’s Day! You may remember back in March I wrote a blog with 8 people to pray for on Mother’s Day, and today I want to share 8 people to pray for this Father’s Day. I’ve tried to make these different from the Mother’s Day ones, as most of these groups can be applied to both mothers and fathers – so you can pray for 16 groups of people!

Those who don’t know their fathers

God, be with those who don’t know their father; for whatever reason. Bring them peace, comfort and understanding. Give them godly male role models for guidance where it is needed. Amen.

Those who don’t know their heavenly father

God, we pray for each person who doesn’t yet know Christ as their Lord and father. Give them opportunities to hear the good news of your love and open their hearts to understand and embrace this truth in their lives. Amen.

Fathers who live away from their children

God, thank you for the relationship between fathers and children. Be with the fathers who do not get to see their children regularly; help them to maintain a loving relationship and to be involved within their children’s lives. Help them to find peace with their situation and wisdom on how to deal with it. Amen.

Fathers of severely ill children

God, we pray for fathers whose children are facing severe illness. Bring healing to the whole family; and peace and comfort as they come to terms with their situation. Help them to lead their family through this challenging time, always looking to God’s guidance. Amen.

Those who cannot be fathers

God, there are many reasons why men cannot be fathers. Bless each of them and give them wisdom through whatever circumstances they face. Show them your plan for their lives and help them to lean on you for the calling you have for them. Amen.

Fathers who never knew they were fathers

God, with so many pregnancies being ended through abortion, we pray for the fathers who never knew they were fathers. Bless them and lead them into healthy, loving relationships. For those that do find out about their children post-abortion, help them to grieve the children they never got to know. Bring them peace and comfort through these situations. Amen.

Your father

God, thank you for my father. Wherever he may be, draw him closer to you, show him your love and protect him from all bad things. Help him to be wise, loving, compassionate and to lead with great wisdom. Amen.

Who else should we be praying for this father’s day?

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