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Today’s theme in Thy Kingdom Come is ‘Help’. A great way we can help the community around us is to pray for them, and a really fun, active way we can do this is through a prayer walk – going out into the community and praying over the people we see, the homes we walk past and the local businesses and organisations.

To help you get started, I have put together some prompts, scavenger hunt style! Take a walk from your house, and each time you come across the locations listed below, use the prayer prompts to pray for your area and your community. These are simply prompts, so if you feel led to pray for other things, please do so!

Prayer Walk prompts

Your own house

Thank God for his provision and blessings to you. For your family, your house, your food, all that you have been given.

A friend’s house

Pray for the specific needs of the friend, even the needs that you do not know about – God still knows them! Pray for them to know God more closely, for his protection over them and for God to answer their prayers.

A local school or college

Pray for the pupils and teachers who attend this school. Ask God that he will grant wisdom and patience to the teachers in both their teaching and their pastoral care for students. Ask God to bless all the students, to bring reconciliation where there are disputes, peace where students are anxious and to help them to know God’s love.

A roundabout

Ask God for wisdom; for yourself, your church leaders, your political representatives, and all those in a position of power in your area. Pray that they will follow God’s guidance when it comes to all of the decisions they must make.

Traffic lights

Thank God for all of the ways in which he has answered our prayers, even if he did not answer them in the way we expected. Sometimes God answers with a big (green) YES, sometimes he asks us to wait (amber) and sometimes his answer is a no (red). All of these answers are wonderful answers to prayer and we should thank God that he hears our prayers and responds.

Local shops & businesses

Pray for the local businesses in your area, and for all those who work in your community. Think of all the people who serve your community in different ways to help it function: politicians, shop owners, mechanics, bin collectors, teachers, butchers, builders.

A park

Child-likeness is a trait we should all be striving for. Ask God to help you understand how you can be more child-like. Ask that he gives you more faith, more trust and more joy in your walk with him!

A forest or garden

Thank God for his creation! For the animals and their habitats; for the plants that grow and the parts of nature that provide food for us. Ask God to show us how we can better look after his world and be steward the good things that he has given us more wisely.

The local church

Praise God for the fact that we have the freedom to worship God without fear of persecution or punishment. Thank him for the local church, that you have a place to gather with other Christians to worship, learn and pray together in fellowship. Pray for the other Christians in your area, that they be strengthened, blessed and protected.

Pedestrians and drivers

As you watch people pass you by – whether you know who they are, or not, pray that each of them will come to know Christ and their Lord. Ask God that they will hear about the good news of Jesus, that their hearts will be open to this exciting revelation and that they will choose to follow Christ!

Why not try doing a prayer walk in your area?

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  1. Harmony Vuycankiat

    Prayer walks are so necessary to the health of a home, community, city, etc… I just started doing them on Saturday’s in a neighborhood downtown that the Lord led a group of us to pray over. Great post!

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