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An important part of the Thy Kingdom Come initiative we are taking part in this week is to choose five people that don’t yet know Christ, and pray for them. Pray for them to find faith and come to know Christ for themselves. Last year, you may remember I wrote a blog with 5 ways for us to pray for 5 people. This year, I wanted to up the challenge so I’ve written a blog that includes 15 ways to pray for 5!

15 ways to pray for 5

Pipe cleaner people

Pipe cleaner people

For each of the people you have chosen, create a person from a pipe cleaner (make sure you can remember who is who). Use these pipe cleaner people as a prompt and focus point to help you pray for each of these 5 people.

Painted stones

Find 5 smooth stones and decorate them (you could use paint of pens like sharpies) to remind you of each of the 5 people. Place the stones around you house, or your bedroom, where you will see them regularly. Each time you see a stone, pray for that person.

Knotted bracelets

This was the original idea suggested by Thy Kingdom Come. I have done this for the last few years and found it super helpful. Find some thread, wool or other material that can create a bracelet. Tie 5 knots in the material then fashion it into a bracelet that you can wear throughout Thy Kingdom Come. This is a great reminder to pray for those 5 people. If you can’t wear a bracelet at work or school, you could make this into a key ring instead.

Coloured Sweets

Fruit pastilles

Pick a packet of sweets with at least 5 different flavours (Skittles work great) and assign a person that you want to pray for to each of the different flavours/colours. Pop your sweets into a bowl and have them out somewhere easy to access. Each time you take and eat a sweet, pray for the person represented by that colour!

Photos on a prayer board

Do you have a prayer board? Why not stick up photos of the 5 people you want to pray for? This is a super visual way to remind yourself who you are praying for and really focus on them. If you don’t have a prayer board, you can read about how I made mine, and what I use it for, here.

Praying through scripture

As you are reading the Bible, turn the scripture you are reading into a prayer for the 5 people you are praying for. An example of this could be using:

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

Romans 10:14-15

You could turn this into a prayer saying:

Dear God, thank you for these 5 people. I want them to come to know you. But how can they know you if they have not heard about you? Help me to be more confident and take every opportunity to talk to them about you. Help them to hear the good news about who you are, and to be open to knowing more about you. Amen.

Big Letters

Take the first letter of each person’s name and create a big cardboard version of that letter. If you’d like to cheat, you can buy large 3D letters in Hobbycraft. As you pray for each person throughout Thy Kingdom Come, write on the letters, your prayers for them as well as anything that you believe God is saying to you about each individual.



Find the keys that you use most frequently. This could include your house keys, your car keys, your work keys, any keys you like. Assign one of the people you want to pray for, to each of the keys you regularly use. Each time you use that key, pray for the relevant person.

Prayer Journal

Find a notebook, or use your normal prayer journal if you have one, and write out your prayers for these 5 people throughout Thy Kingdom Come (and beyond!). Be sure to write down anything you feel God is saying as well as the prayers you are saying to God.

Maps & Pins

Where do each of the people you are praying for live? Find a map that covers this whole area – for example if they all live in your city/town, you only need a map of that area, but if they live across the country (or in different countries), you’ll need a map of the UK , or the world! Stick this map up on a wall or a pin board if possible, and use a pin to mark the location of each of the 5 people you are praying for. Use this as a visual reminder to pray for each of these people and the community that they are living in. Pray for the churches and Christians around them too.

Prayer Postboxes

Prayer postbox

Create 5 postboxes from toilet rolls. You can do this by cutting a “letter-box” in one side and wrapping the roll in red paper (or you could paint it). Add a top and bottom from card or paper, but make sure that one of them is removable. Write the name of each of the people you are praying for on each post box. Throughout Thy Kingdom Come, write your prayers on slips of paper and post them into the relevant post box. At the end of Thy Kingdom Come, and perhaps a year later too, take out the prayers and see which of them God has answered!

Inner Room App

The Inner Room App was developed by the 24/7 Prayer Movement and is a great tool to help you pray, wherever you are. Add the 5 people you want to pray for to your prayer board within the app and the app will lead you through a time of prayer (for however long you choose) including these 5 people and anything else you wish to add to your prayer board.


Do you have a hook-a-duck game? Could you make one? This would be an awesome idea for the warmer weather we’ve been having recently – leave your ducks out in your pool, then every now and then, hook one out and pray for the person named on the bottom of your duck!

Sign Language

Learn how to spell the names of each of the 5 people you want to pray for in sign language. Use these actions, in quiet, at work or school, while travelling, as a great way to focus in on the individual person and pray into their lives. You can find out how to spell in sign language here.

Prayer Dice

Prayer dice

Find yourself a dice, or make one from any cubed material you may have. Write, or stick a label, on each side of the cube, referring to one of the 5 individuals you want to pray for. Keep the dice with you or somewhere accessible at home. Roll the dice whenever you see it and pray for the person on which it lands!

15 ways to pray for 5

Which of these 15 ways to pray for 5 will you use? Can you think of another way we could pray for 5?

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