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From 30th May – 9th June 2019, I will be taking part in Thy Kingdom Come, the global prayer initiative calling for Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Christ, for God’s kingdom to come here on Earth.

So, we know what we’re praying for, but how will we go about praying throughout these 11 days? Here are my thoughts on 11 ways to pray, based upon the 11 themes of Thy Kingdom Come.

Day 1: Jesus – Big Letters

It is important to remember who it is that we are praying to, and in fact whose kingdom it is that we are praying for. To do this, make some large letters spelling out the name ‘Jesus’; you could make these from cardboard or buy 3D ones from a local craft shop. Then, explore the Bible and write any attributes that you uncover about God, onto these letters. Some good places to start could include Genesis 1, any of the gospels and the book of 1 John.

Day 2: Praise – Write your own praise prayer

Everything we do, we should do for the glory of God, so naturally praising God is a big part of our lives. The most obvious way we express our praises are through songs and Psalms. Look at the lyrics used; the words used to express praises. Then, have a go at writing your own praise song or psalm.

Day 3: Thanks – Models of gratitude

We’re taught from a young age to say thank you when we are given something, we should say thank you. But how do we go about saying thank you to someone who has given us everything we have? Think of the things that make you want to jump up and down with gratitude and model them out of play dough, clay or pipe cleaners.

Day 4: Sorry – Fire pit of forgiveness

Another key element of prayer is repentance – saying sorry to God for the things we’ve done wrong and turning away from those things. A great way to symbolise this is to write down the things that you want to say sorry for, ask God for forgiveness and put the paper into a fire (safely!). As the paper burns, this symbolises us giving these things over to God and them being completely taken away.

Day 5: Offer – Building a church

Each of us are part of one body, and we all have gifts and skills to offer to the body of the Church. This is a great prayer activity to do as a family, church or small group. Take a cork board and create a church-shaped outline from wool/string (you could also just draw the outline onto a large piece of cardboard). Then, cut out coloured paper into bricks and write on the gifts and skills you have to offer to God’s Church. Attach these bricks into the church. Carry on until the church is full of bricks.

Day 6: Pray For – A knotted bracelet

One of the key elements of Thy Kingdom Come is to choose five people that don’t yet know Christ, and pledge to pray for them to come to faith! A super simple way to do this is to make a bracelet with five knots in it. You can then use the bracelet to help focus your prayers upon those five people.

Day 7: Help – Prayer Walk

Prayer is a powerful tool that can really serve our communities; in fact it is the biggest thing we can do to help others. Take prayer out into your community with a prayer walk – praying for the people, places and organisations that you see. Keep your eyes peeled for a bonus blog all about doing a prayer walk coming soon!

Day 8: Adore – Washing line of hearts

The Bible tells us that God adores us, and that we should adore him. Create a washing line of hearts answering the questions: What do you adore about God? And, how can you show God your adoration?

Day 9: Celebrate – Prayer Bunting

When we pray, it is important to acknowledge when God answers our prayers. We should celebrate! Make yourself some bunting – this could be from material, or just triangles of paper, and write on the different ways in which God has answered your prayers. Put the bunting up in your house and add to it as God answers more of your prayers!

Day 10: Silence – Prayer Vigil

Taking time to simply pray in silence, and to listen for God’s voice, is a wonderful way to focus your prayers and really dedicate time to spend with God. Find a quiet place without distractions and pray in silence for a time of your choosing. You could also use candles to help you to focus.

Day 11: Thy Kingdom Come – Worldwide Prayers

These 11 days, we are praying for God’s kingdom to come here on Earth – not just in our local area, or in our country, but all across the world. Find a map of the world, or a globe; look at the different countries on the map and pray specifically for God’s kingdom to come in those places. Prayer for their specific needs and the blessings that God has already given to them.

These are just a few ways to pray this Thy Kingdom Come, let me know how you’re planning to pray during Thy Kingdom Come for these 11 days! Plus, make sure you’re following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as I share these prayer ideas in more detail throughout these 11 days.

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