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Next week in the UK, schools will be breaking up for the Easter holidays. This year we have two weeks, ending with Easter weekend. As I don’t have kids, the school holidays don’t particularly affect me and I went on my holiday in February instead, but I thought I would share some of my top tips for keeping God a priority whilst you’re away on holiday. Faith should be a part of our whole lives, not just during term-times, so we should be remaining in his word and sharing our thoughts and worries with God even whilst we’re on holiday!

This list isn’t a collection of the things I’ve done right, but more a collection of my best advice based on all the things I’ve done wrong and the things I wish I had done!

Take things with you

This one kind of depends on where you’re going and how much you can pack! I have found that not have the right pens, or the right Bible, or my highlighters with me on holiday turns into an excuse not to do any Bible study because it just doesn’t feel quite right because I can’t do it “properly”. Think about those key things that make up your regular routine for reading the Bible and prayer – what of those items could you take with you?

Use apps

In the complete opposite direction from the last idea, using apps is perfect for if you cannot take many things with you or you just want to try something different. There are some wonderful apps including the YouVersion Bible App to encourage you to dig into the word and Inner Room, a wonderful new prayer app that guides you through a selection of prayer topics that you’ve created lists for. Apps are perfect for using on the go, wherever you are and however much free time you have.

Be flexible

It’s important to remember, that whilst you’re on holiday you may not be able to follow your normal routines. You may have less time in the evenings, other people expecting you to spend time with them or other things going on that make it harder to stick to the routines that you are used to at home. Get creative in how you spend time with God – why not wake up before everyone else to read your Bible? Or use travelling time to connect with God? Don’t be too strict on yourself. As long as you are still connecting with God and making him a priority in your life, changing the way you explore his word for a little while won’t be a problem!

Visit places that inspire awe and wonder

Holidays are a great chance for us to visit new places and see more of the wonderful things that God has created. Find places that inspire awe and wonder within you, thank God and praise him for his wonderful creation as you see a much wider variety of his creativity.

Try new things

The change of routine that comes with going on holiday is a wonderful opportunity to try something new! How could you change your normal routine and try a new way of spending time with God? This could be keeping a gratitude log, a prayer journal, Bible journaling or using a specific prayer structure (such as TSP – which you can read more about here!).

Are you going on holiday this Easter? How are you going to take God on holiday with you and remain focused upon him?

Taking God on holiday with you
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